Why Stok Kangri in Ladakh is meant for the experienced trekker

There is a certain glamour about Stok Kangri trek. At over 20,000 feet, it is the highest trekkable summit in India. However, despite what many tour operators say, this trek is not suitable for beginners. Arjun Majumdar explains why.

3 reasons to do the Kugti Pass Trek

There are very few trails in our country that climb up to 16,600 feet as the Kugti Pass trek does. The Kugti Pass trek is a challenging trail – with its long pass day, high altitude and walks over snow, moraine, glacier and bottomless landslides – and it delights you in every way.

An unexpected journey – Chadar trek

“The sound of ice cracking, like the shattering sound of glass, you look down praying it’s not the ice under your feet. You make your grip on the trekking pole stronger, look for people around you to see who can come to your rescue; this is all a part of the challenge in this trek.” Aashish writes a thrilling day-to-day account of his trek to Chadar.

The toughest part of a trek

What is the toughest part of a trek? “It’s not the trek itself. The toughest part is convincing your parents, wife, son, friends, relatives, etc. that you need to go,” writes Prashanth humorously.

Why Goechala In Sikkim Is The Most Romantic Trek

Arjun Majumdar writes about the Goecha La trek. He says it’s the most romantic trek in India and explains why.