How to shoot panoramas

It’s no problem if you don’t have a panorama mode on your camera. Neelima Vallangi, a travel photographer, teaches you how exactly to do a panorama, by stitching two or more pictures together. In fact, this is more effective and detailed than the ready-made panoramic photographs.

7 Essential Items I Always Carry In My Camera Bag During A Trek

Packing a camera bag for a long trek can be difficult. Should you carry less weight and leave behind crucial equipment or should you pack them in anyway? Neelima Vallangi, a travel photographer and writer, jots down a list of all the things her camera bag must have.

How to choose a trek for the summer

It’s never easy to choose a trek out of so many beautiful mountain ranges in India. So, Arjun Majumdar puts down a handy ready reckoner to help you choose a trek for the summer, based on presence of snow, scenery, altitude, level of difficulty and other aspects. It is not easy to pick, but the guide here will help.

Markha Valley Interview

Markha Valley is perhaps the only trek in Ladakh that brings out the true colours of the desert landscape. It is no surprise then that the Markha Valley trek is also the most popular trek in Ladakh.

Solo vs Sahib Style Trekking

Solo trekker Sathya Venkatachari puts down the pros and cons solo trekking and “sahib” style trekking. Which one would you choose?

Chadar trek photo contest Jan 2012

After multiple rounds of judging, we have finally arrived at the winners of the Chadar trek photo contest. Here are the results.