How to avoid bear attacks on Himalayan treks

When you’re in the wild, it isn’t uncommon to come across wild animals, especially animals like Himalayan bears. Here are a few tips to avoid bear attacks or how to deal with a bear when you come across one.

How to cross ice-cold streams – Hampta Pass

The water is icy cold in the stream, the water levels coming up to your mid-calf and knee. There are no make shift bridges or boulders to cross the river and the stones inside the water are slippery. Your feet are going to go numb with cold. But there is no escaping out.

Deuter Streamer 2.0 L Hydration Bladder

We review Deuter’s Streamer 2.0 L Hydration Bladder after testing it on a week-long Himalayas trek. It is compact, hygienic, odour-free and easily fits into most hydration backpacks.

Roopkund trek: Where will a detour take you

Taking a different trail is always an exciting prospect. An alternative trail from Didina campsite to Ali Bughyal can be attempted by the adventurous lots. The trail passes by the dense oak forest of Tolpani village and the meadows of Tolkaan. The trail to Tolpani is to the left of the Didna camp site. The trail to Tolpani is a steady climb through some of the densest oak you’ll see and a never ending brown carpet of leaves.

How To Stay Hydrated On Treks

Keeping oneself hydrated during a trek is the perhaps the first thing on a trekker’s To-Do list. But it doesn’t end with just sipping on a water bottle. There are a few other things to keep in mind too.

Times of India Reports On Case Against ALTOA, Police Action Awaited

Times of India carried a report about ALTOA disrupting Indiahikes’ treks. The article appeared on September 17, 2014. Here is the article along with a few updates on the situation.

Fighting AMS with a Strong Will and Focus

Imran Bhaidani trained for a whole year before attempting to trek to Stok Kangri in Leh. But he had to face hurdle after hurdle. What could it be, if not fitness? Read this interview with him, where he tells us what it was like to be faced with problems despite his determination and discipline.

Forclaz 40 Air 2013 Backpack

Here is a review of the Forclaz 40 Air 2013 Backpack. It’s apt for weekend treks and 3-4 day treks.

Stuck in Kashmir valley, trekker talks of his struggles

The very idea of Kashmir floods sends shivers down our spines. Think, then, what Sridhar and his friends went through, when they experienced it first hand. After an attempt to do the Kashmir Great Lakes trek just hours before the floods of 2014, they had to go through a menacing water-logged ordeal simply to get to the airport. Read about it here.

Court orders action against ALTOA for disrupting Indiahikes treks

After trying to malign reputation of IH during the last season of Chadar, All Ladakh Tour Operators Association (ALTOA) disrupted the Stok Kangri treks again this year in Ladakh. In response to this nuisance the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Leh-Ladakh issued an order against ALTOA.

Hampta Pass Trek: How You Get Smitten By Flowers

One of the most beautiful things about Hampta Pass Trek is its own valley of flowers. Funneled between two campsites is a small yet scenic meadow of Jwara. Check this post to see the flowers from this trek.

Stok Kangri: Why it is important to adopt the right mind-set during treks

One of the most important qualities to have while trekking is a positive mind-set. Deepak Das, who went to Stok Kangri in July 2014, elucidates on this, by recollecting his experience during this sought-after trek in Nepal. He was titled the Most Valuable Trekker of his batch.