Roopkund: A first-hand account

Not everybody gets to play cricket with the Indian army at 13,000 feet. But trekker Shantnu Mathuria did that and a lot more on his Roopkund trek. In his words, this is how he felt upon reaching Roopkund, “The sweet taste of victory made every inch of pain and every feeling of anger melt away.” Read on to trek along with him and back.

A tribute to the support staff of the KGL trek

Two of Indiahikes’ trekkers, Venkatachandrika Radhakrishnan and Raghunandan Hegde, spoke to the support staff members on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. With great admiration of their strength and determination, the trekkers struck a conversation with them over a hot bowl of soup.

Avoiding trivial mistakes at Goecha La

Tejaswi, who trekked Goecha La as her first high-altitude trek, learnt a bunch of lessons as she trudged to the pass. Here, she tells you about how a small mistake such as not packing a torch in your bag can hamper your entire trek experience.

Why age is not a barrier for trekking in the mountains

If your mind is prepared, everything goes right. Wise words anyone can utter. But when it is delivered by an eighty three year old gentleman who scaled Rupin Pass last year, then the words take on a new meaning. “Age is never the problem, mind is,” says Lele Gopal Vasudev who achieved this remarkable feat without letting his age be an obstacle.

Kashmir Great Lakes – Nature at its unpredictable best

Just days before floods struck Kashmir in 2014, Raghunandan Hegde and his friends were part of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. He recollects his adventurous experience which was uncalled for. His group was stranded at a camp site with unstoppable torrential downpour for three whole days!