How a trekker was rescued from deathly clutches of HAPE

A trekker, Taposh Giri, finds difficulty in walking near Patar Nachauni – a campsite on Roopkund trail. He is exhausted, and walking a few steps drains him out. He asks for a mule to take him further, towards the upper camp. However on reaching the camp at Bhagwabasa he starts feeling disoriented. And does not respond to any questions posed by the trek leader.

Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headlamp review

Our high altitude trek explorer and leader, Vaibhav Chauhan, reviews the Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headlamp. It comes with a handy, flexible strap and perhaps has the best battery life. Vaibhav divulges further in this article.

5 Reasons You Should Begin Trekking

“We trek not to escape life, but so ‘life’ doesn’t escape us.” Trekking isn’t just the most beautiful way of travelling, but it’s also a life lesson that you must gift to yourself someday. Nisha Ann Reginald lists five good reasons for you to start trekking.
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The man who climbed Kilimanjaro without legs

He walked on his hands 80 per cent of the time and traveled the remainder in his wheelchair. When he reached the summit a sense of accomplishment prevailed. Spencer West states climbing Kilamanjaro was like reliving his life long struggle with feeling of inadequacy and being left out from leading a normal life.

Video: Myth about height of Chandrashila Peak busted!

Quite a few say that Chandrashila stands tall at around 13000 feet. But a look at the GPS reveals something else. Take a look at this video of Chandrashila summit to find out what is the actual height of Chandrashila peak.

GPS tracking devices to be made mandatory for Nepal tourists

Following Nepal’s worst trekking disaster, the tourism department announced that GPS tracking devices would be made compulsory among tourists. Is this a good solution or is it a knee-jerk reaction to the October 2014 snowstorm disaster? What else can be done? Vaibhav Chauhan finds out.

How to motivate yourself for a summit climb

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” The words of Edmund Hillary rings true when you confront hunger, thirst, cold and exhaustion in the mountains. Here’s how you motivate yourself for a summit climb!

8 Food Habits To Follow While Trekking

If you’re going on a trek, you might need to tweak your food habits a bit. You might need to cut down on protein and increase your carbohydrates intake. Nisha Ann Reginald finds out what’s healthy and what’s not to eat on a trek.

What makes Dhakuri an Irresistible Campsite

Dhakuri is the gateway to Pindari and Sunderdhunga. It is also one of the most picturesque camp sites in the Kumaon ranges. With evergreen forests, unbelievable mountain views and an aura of calmness, this camp site is worth spending an extra day at. Vaibhav Chauhan explains further.

How does Indiahikes tackle dry waste in mountains

Seeing litter on mountain trails is challenging as most of us imagine we are going to be trekking in pristine surroundings with no trace of human interference – an escape from the polluted cities. But it’s not so. Read about how Indiahikes sensitises its trekkers to enforce a clean-up routine in the mountains.

Milam and the Upper Johar Valley : Photo Story

Despite the ravages of the 2013 floods, this trek is a fascinating and compelling journey into a remote valley full of stories of flourishing Indo-Tibetan trade that ended ‘cold’ after the 1962 conflict between China and India. Abandoned ghost villages, fabulous terrain, views of the great Nanda Devi and the Milam glacier beckon the trekker into a journey through landscapes and time.

Clean up drive organised by Yuksom panchayat and Indiahikes

On November 19, 2014 Indiahikes will join hands with local village panchayat in Yuksom, Sikkim to organize a ‘clean up drive’ programme. The entire stretch from Yuksom Colony to Sachen Camp will be cleaned of all litter and waste that has been thrown around by ‘Pollutocrats’.