June Photo Contest – Results

The results are out! Here are the top 3 photographs from June 2015. Congratulations to the winners!

Here is what happened to all the litter you picked up on your trek

With every batch that goes to the mountains, a whole lot of waste is generated. Here’s what happened to all the waste that was generated on the Rupin Pass trek for over two months.

How to pack your backpack (for a weekend trek)

Packing a backpack correctly saves precious time that you might waste trying to find your things later. It is wise to spend some time on learning what really goes into packing a backpack.

Bengaluru FC at Rupin Pass

On May, 2015, a group of trekkers on Rupin Pass had something special planned. After ascending to 15,000 feet, they were exuberant to have reached the highest point of the trek and more!

Indiahikes launches its first ever Eco Hiking Programme in India

On July 7th, Indiahikes launched its first ever Hiking Club in India, at Daffodils English School. The very first day of the Hiking Club started with a bang! Take a look here!

Trekkers Speak

Here’s what a few of our trekkers have to say about their experience with Indiahikes.

Coleman Basin Sleeping Bag

Arjun Majumdar from Indiahikes tested Coleman’s Basin sleeping bag on his overnight trek to Ooty in June 2015.

6 Best Himalayan Treks In July, August And September

We have chosen six of the best monsoon treks in the Himalayas. You might get a little wet, but it’s worth every drop of rain! See our list here.

Lamayuru to Kongski La Base Winter Trek

The trek from Lamayuru to the base of Kongski La is an adventurous one in Ladakh. It involves trekking over a frozen tributary of River Indus in winter. What’s more? It passes through picturesque villages and monasteries, befriending one with Ladakhi culture with unmediated experiences.