October 2015 Photo Contest – Results

Here are the Top 4 winners of the October 2015 Photo Contest! Congrats!

How To Tackle The Challenging Rupin Waterfall In May

There is more than one way to look at and discuss this colossal artwork of nature – the Rupin Waterfall. And Samrat Chakraborty shows you how.

How I learnt about social networking in the Himalayan village of Sankri

Our Operations Manager, Manav Menon, was lucky enough to spend time in Sankri, a quaint village in Uttarakhand. Those days gave Manav peek into the local lifestyle of the real mountain folk. Here’s a page from his diary.

How I Dealt With Acute Mountain Sickness On My 28th Trek

It is a myth that AMS doesn’t affect a seasoned trekkers. Here’s an account that shatters such misconceptions about AMS.

Once A Backpacker Always A Backpacker

Backpacks are fast becoming a traveler’s best-friend. Komal Shivdasani gives her candid view on why backpacking is better than carrying a suitcase.

How To Deal With Leeches On A Trek

Kavitha battled in vain with the clingy leeches on her Ballalarayana Durga and Kopatty treks. She returned a notch wiser though. Here’s what she learnt about keeping leeches at bay.

Why trekkers need to take grooming more seriously

Somehow it is accepted that if you are a trekker it is okay to be unkempt and dirty. Arjun Majumdar talks about how trekking is a sport just like any other- with it’s own suitable attire.

Warmth… in the cold at 15,000 ft atop Buran Ghati

“Back in the real world now. Back with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and determination.” A superb journal of the Buran Ghati trek by Arul Varma.

How To Choose Your First Himalayan Trek

Are you confused about which Himalayan trek to pick as your first one? Arjun Majumdar helps narrow down your options to that one perfect trek for you!