A must-see photo story about Kedarkantha

This blogpost of Kedarkantha just came in and our jaws dropped! Whether you have done the trek already or not, you will definitely want to be there again. Take a look.

Rent Your Trek Gear Here

You can now rent trek gear for a couple of our treks. Check out the easy and more pocket friendly alternative to buying expensive trek gear.

February 2016 Photo Contest – Results out!

The February 2016 Photo Contest had entries with fabulous perspectives of landscapes. Brahmatal, Prashar and Sandakphu dominated the entries! Our winning photographs are here!

Why you need a trekking pole

On a high altitude trek, a trekking pole is not just some equipment that can be overlooked. It is surely a MUST-have! It will save 40% of your energy and make your trek so much more comfortable. Here’s how!

Buran Ghati: A bridge between two worlds!

Our exploratory treks are often the most thrilling stories we have to share. Join Izzat as she traverses through the trail.

Trek Leading In The Himalayas As A Career

If you want to be a trek leader, read this. Being a trek leader is not easy. It’s a wonderful job, where you get to be in the mountains for a long time, but it’s a tremendously demanding job, where you have to be on your toes almost 24/7!

What is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)?

Every high-altitude trekker needs to be aware of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Arjun Majumdar, who has witnessed hundreds of cases of AMS amongst trekkers resolves all doubts about it.

Har ki Dun: Bidding farewell to 2015

Netra Munj has been dreaming of doing a Himalayan trek since her college days. Now a college lecturer, here’s her trek to Har ki Dun.

Blogs about Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass has a dynamic and impressively stunning pass-crossing experience to offer. Read more about the glorious Hampta Pass from these Blogs by our trekkers!

January 2016 Blog Contest Winner – My First Winter Trek To Sandakphu

Here’s the winner of the January 2016 Blog Contest! A first high altitude trek to Sandakphu has left Aneesha enticed by the Himalayas. Take a look!

How to Ranger Roll your T-shirt

Here’s a quick tip you can use while packing your backpack. Roll up your tshirt in a Ranger Roll to keep your clothes as compact as possible. Here’s Swathi with a Ranger Roll tutorial!

January 2016 Photo Contest: Results Out!

The January 2016 Photo Contest has been a pleasant surprise! We saw mind-blowing pictures of treks that have never been captured so beautifully before! Take a look at our winners!