Why Valley of Flowers is Uttarakhand’s Most Popular Trek

Valley of Flowers is an old and well-established trail with more than 498+ flowering plants. It is also the only trek in Uttarakhand that you can do during the peak monsoon. In this episode, Swathi sits with our cofounder Sandhya about what makes this trek so popular. Watch it here.

Indiahikes and Uttarakhand Tourism Department open the Chainsheel Trek

Indiahikes and Uttarakhand Tourism Department have opened the Trek of the Year to Chainsheel. Read details about the collaboration and other updates from our slopes here!

Winners for March 2017 Photo Trekker Contest announced!

March is a beautiful season for trekking. With its high snows and spring blooms, trekkers get best of both worlds! Have a look at the winners from this month here.

Why Kanamo Peak Is a Great Alternative To Stok Kangri

Most trekkers are attracted to Stok Kangri because of its altitude and the thrill that comes with it. But there’s a lesser-known and prettier trek that climbs up to nearly the same altitude. That’s Kanamo Peak for you!

How We Manage Waste Collected On Our Treks

When we trek the Himalayas – there is a lot of waste produced and also collected. In fact, our trekkers go out of their way to help clean up the slopes. Here’s what finally happens to all the waste collected.

Off-Season Trek to Bhrigu Lake: A Trekker’s Account of Mission “Almost” Impossible

When Manas Arora, a solo trekker, decided to go to Bhrigu Lake in April, he didn’t he know would end up doing it Alpine Style. He narrates his story here.

Detox Your Body: Make Chemical-Free Toiletries For Your Trek

We all trek for a physical and mental detox. Yet, with the ingredients most of toiletries have, it defeats that very purpose. Here Lakshmi, our Green Trails Coordinator, shares a few alternatives you can try instead of commercial toiletries.

Which Himalayan trek should you choose as your second one?

After your first Himalayan trek, you might want to challenge yourself a bit more. In this episode, senior Trek Leader Vishal and Swathi discuss the next level of Himalayan treks you can do.

What are the Best Himalayan Treks for Beginners?

In this video, Swathi sits with senior Trek Leader Vishal to find out the perfect Himalayan trek for beginners.

Batches Opened for Monsoon and Autumn Treks: Pin Bhaba, Buran Ghati and more

We have opened our treks from monsoon all the way to autumn! This year, we are adding Pin Bhaba to our list of monsoon treks. Read our updates from the Himalayas here.

Caught in a Blizzard on the Har Ki Dun Trek

Being caught in a blizzard reminds you of raw power of the mountains. Last week, Har Ki Dun Valley experienced a massive blizzard. Here is a trekker’s account of blizzard at Har Ki Dun Valley.

Can you get Acute Mountain Sickness on an Easy Trek? Here’s a Real Life Case Study

As a trekking organisation, we find that knowledge about altitude sickness is scarce. Through these case studies, we intend to spread knowledge and make trekkers more responsible. Here’s the first high altitude case study. Take a look.