What I Learnt When I Trekked With Shepherds Across Pin Parvati Pass

Before she became a Trek Leader, Anuja travelled extensively across Himalayas. Ultimately, it was her experience on Pin Parvati that shaped her into the trek leader she is today. Read her Pin Parvati story here.

Is It Possible To Do Himalayan Treks During Monsoon?

We often get questions about how monsoon affects our treks. In this article, our founder, Arjun Majumdar details how monsoon spreads in the Himalayas and which are the best regions to explore and which regions you should avoid.

Winners of Trek Photographer of the Month- April 2017

This month’s photo contest entries left us stumped. What spectacular compositions of treks we are so familiar with! So we took help. Our judge for this month helped select the best out of the lot. Now you get to pick a winner too! Take a look at the nominations here.

How Rescuing A HAPE Victim Transformed An Ordinary Man Into A True Trekker

On his Goechala trek, Pushpam Singh learnt the quality that sets a true trekker apart. It all unfolded when his tent mate was hit by HAPE. Read about his experience here.

How A Botanist Enhanced The Experience Of His Co-Trekkers Tenfold

Being knowledgeable is one thing. But sharing your knowledge is what makes you an invaluable trekker. Arun Kumar is one such trekker who enhanced the experience of his co-trekkers tenfold!

How A Failed Attempt To Chandrashila Transformed This Trekker Completely

When Ruchi went on her first Deoriatal trek, she failed. However, instead of brooding over it, she grabbed it by its horns and tackled it up front. Here’s her story.

7 Rules to Help keep Acute Mountain Sickness at bay

Dr.Rituraj Kumar, an avid trekker lists out 7 rules that he has used over the past 30 years to help keep Acute Mountain Sickness away for a successful trek. Read it here.

How Indiahikes Dealt With My Acute Mountain Sickness

Aditya Karanam was hit by Acute Mountain Sickness on his Roopkund trek in 2016. He puts down how the incident played out and how he was rescued in time.

CAT S60 Review: A Rugged Waterproof Smartphone For Adventurers

The CAT S60 sells itself as the world’s first thermal imaging smart phone. We reviewed the S60 smart phone to test its practicality. Read full review here.

Chaainsheel Bugyal, Trek Of The Year – An Exclusive Collaboration with Uttarakhand Tourism

Chaainsheel Bugyal is a Himalayan trek that beginners and seasoned trekkers can both enjoy. In this video, Arjun Majumdar speaks about the highlights of the trek.

Pin Bhaba Pass, A Challenging Crossover Trek In The Himalayas

In this Trek with Swathi episode, our founder Arjun talks about why Pin Bhaba Pass is a crossover trek that everyone must experience. Watch it here.

Latest Updates: The Roopkund and Rupin Pass Treks Start Today!

Our big season to Roopkund and Rupin Pass starts today. Here’s some behind the scenes updates.