A Must-Watch Video On The Buran Ghati Trek

A video on the Buran Ghati trek, where the Indiahikes team tells you why each of them has personally loved this gem of a trek!

Core Values Of Indiahikes

Core Values of Indiahikes, the largest and most widely recommended trekking community. We have six core values that all members of Indiahikes live by.

The Uphill Nature Of Managing Waste: Notes From A Green Trails Fellow

Green Trails Fellow Ashish Chauhan reflects on his 4 month journey working on 3 slopes – the problems, solutions, limitations of waste management.

How A GPS Tracker And Trekking Pole Came to My Rescue On A Solo Trek

Our Trek Coordinator went on a trek exploration on the “Thorn Trek.” After some unexpected turn of events, his GPS tracker and trek pole came to his rescue. Read his story here.

Heavy Snow Affects Uttarakhand Treks, Snowfall At Sandakphu Too

It has been snowing on all our treks, from Uttarakhand to West Bengal! Here we’ll answer some questions you might have and share latest pictures and videos.

The New Bucketlist Trek in Nepal – The Khopra Ridge Trek

Indiahikes has opened a new, off-beat trek in Nepal to Khopra Ridge and Khayer Lake — a trek with views of 23 big mountains of Nepal! Read about it here.

Why Start Your Kedarkantha Trek From Kotgaon

We have explored several routes to Kedarkantha. And so far, we believe that the route from Kotgaon is most serene. Our Trek Leader shares his experience.

What We Look For In Applicants At Indiahikes

Working at Indiahikes can be extremely rewarding, but that’s if you fit in and embrace the values of the organisation. Here’s what we look for in applicants

An Off-Season Climb to Indrahaar Pass – Climb Hard. Prepare Harder.

Manas Arora, a seasoned trekker, attempted to open up the trail to Indrahaar Pass in March 2018. What followed was an expected journey that taught him a strong lesson the hard way.