A Fun Warm Up Dance For Your Trek

We all know how important warm ups are for any sport. The same goes for trekking. We usually do a few spot jumps, stretch a bit and do some spot jogging. But we have found a super fun way of warming up on treks.

This little dance is what we like to call the Happy Feet Dance. It takes just around 40 seconds of this dance to warm up. It gets your heart pumping, your breath heard and your legs come alive! It works even on the coldest day in the Himalayas.

Here’s a tutorial for the warm up dance by Jude Rayen, a Senior Trek Leader At Indiahikes

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2 thoughts on “A Fun Warm Up Dance For Your Trek

  1. hey guys last month i went brhamathal trek..
    we did cool down exercises with our trek leader (something ends like jakuzaaa) its really funny and we enjoyed a lot…