How To Choose The Best Trekking Shoes In India – The Ultimate Trekking Shoe Guide 2021

Your search for the best trekking shoes in India ends here. A comprehensive guide on what trekking shoes to buy and how to care for them!

How to Choose the Right Backpack for a Trek

Choosing a good trekking backpack is vital because it is going to be your companion throughout your trek. Here are some tips to choose the perfect backpack.

Deoriatal to Chandrashila -The Goechala of Western Himalayas

On the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek, the forests of Chopta Valley are known for their fiery red and pink rhododendrons that set the trail blazing!

5 best weekend treks in Himachal

Looking for refreshing weekend treks in Himachal Pradesh that you can explore? Here we list some invitingly secluded destinations.

How to get a permit for a Trekking Expedition from IMF

Here we detail the simple procedure to get your trekking expedition approved by IMF to help you execute your trek smoothly.

Lamayuru to Kongski La Base Winter Trek

The trek from Lamayuru to the base of Kongski La is an adventurous one in Ladakh. It involves trekking over a frozen tributary of River Indus in winter. What’s more? It passes through picturesque villages and monasteries, befriending one with Ladakhi culture with unmediated experiences.

Nilgiri Hills Trek

Trekking for an entire week in the Nilgiris around Ooty is something only hardcore trekkers do. Vinita is one such trekker, who has documented a fantastic 6-day-trek in the Nilgiris, snaking around lakes, forests, meadows and farmlands.

What Makes Kuari Pass A Terrific Winter Trek?

There are very few Himalayan treks that are accessible in winter. And Kuari Pass happens to be one of them. Here’s why it’s a terrific trek in winter!

A candid interview with a solo trekker to Markha Valley

Vipin Yadav, an experienced trekker from Delhi, speaks about his first solo trek to Markha Valley. Contrary to the belief that solo trekking is popular only in the West, Vipin shows that one can easily trek solo in India too! If you plan to trek to Markha Valley, his answers to some vital questions may help you.

Video Story : Why one must camp at Rohini Bughyal

Rohini Bughyal offers compelling reasons to camp there. Hidden in the dense forest of Chopta Valley, it is one of the most peaceful spots. You can pamper your eyes, heart, mind and soul with a spectacular view of lofty peaks and forests. Indiahikes’ exploratory team found this campsite while trekking in the forest of Chopta, […]

Why shepherd dogs are terrific companions

Dogs play a big role in Himalayan treks, be it to pave the way, to warn you of predators or simply to boost your mood. Vaibhav Chauhan recounts his experience from a trek to Pin Parvati about how a shepherd dog saved the day!

Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headlamp review

Our high altitude trek explorer and leader, Vaibhav Chauhan, reviews the Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headlamp. It comes with a handy, flexible strap and perhaps has the best battery life. Vaibhav divulges further in this article.