Ongoing Green Trails Projects

We are looking for interns with specialized skills to take Green Trails projects forward. Find details of the ongoing Green Trails Projects here and apply!

Deuter Futura Vario Backpack Review: Well-Engineered For Long Treks

The Deuter Futura Vario 50+ 10 is a backpack that is in with you for the long haul if you are a high altitude trekker. Here’s a detailed review.

Detox Your Body: Make Chemical-Free Toiletries For Your Trek

We all trek for a physical and mental detox. Yet, with the ingredients most of toiletries have, it defeats that very purpose. Here Lakshmi, our Green Trails Coordinator, shares a few alternatives you can try instead of commercial toiletries.

Can you get Acute Mountain Sickness on an Easy Trek? Here’s a Real Life Case Study

As a trekking organisation, we find that knowledge about altitude sickness is scarce. Through these case studies, we intend to spread knowledge and make trekkers more responsible. Here’s the first high altitude case study. Take a look.

How an eco-village at Jaubhari triggered a major movement at Sandakphu

Green trails crusader Lakshmi went on her first trek to Sandakphu and was shocked by the state of affairs. Garbage being burnt in the open and piles of rotting debris. Here is the story of how she designed a model eco-village at Jaubhari.

Do’s and Don’ts of Green trekking

Imagine climbing a mountain of plastic with music blaring in the background. Quite the opposite of serene. If we do not focus on green trekking, this is how grim the future of our Himalayas look. Here, Green trails Crusader Lakshmi explains the do’s and don’ts of green trekking.

When waste turns into something you can sleep on

The use and throw culture has become deeply ingrained in our society’s fabric. Here Green Trails Crusader Lakshmi brings new life to disposed waste.

What is it like to be a Green Trails Intern?

Want to be a Green trails intern but not sure what it’s about? Here is a brief of what Green trails is, what we do, our focus areas and your role in it.

Green trails – what, why and how?

Indiahikes has been running the Green Trails initiative for over five years now. The main aim of this initiative is to leave the mountains in a better condition than before.

Why you should reconsider ordering maggi or Wai-Wai while trekking in Sandakphu!

When you are on a trek, it’s smarter to try native delicacies that enchant your taste buds. Our Green Trail Crusader, Lakshmi, lists Sandakphu’s local food items.

How is Indiahikes leaving mountains in a better condition?

At Indiahikes, we have been working to leave the mountains in a better condition for over five years! Over a period of time, we have learnt of ways to tackle human and food waste more effectively, and there is still a lot of scope for improvement. Take a look at the progress we have made so far.

Classes on Cleanliness at Sari

Inculcating a habit of cleanliness and environmental consciousness in children is the sure shot way for a pollution free future. Our team at Deoriatal Base camp spent a week at the Government school in Sari village teaching kids the value of hygiene.