How To Choose Trek Pants — The Ultimate Trekking Pants Guide 2021

A comprehensive guide that will help you find the best trek pants. It also includes 8 top trekking pants that you must watch out for.

Rupin Pass trek: Why The Drive To Chainsheel Valley Is So Special

The drive to the new basecamp of Rupin Pass trek becomes much more interesting just because of the Chaainsheel Valley. Here’s why

The Indiahikes Cancellation Policy

We understand the pain of cancelling a trek. As trekkers, we always look forward to treks, and after months of training and planning, if we have to cancel our trek, there’s no greater disappointment than that.  This is why we have one of the most trekker-friendly cancellation policies. This policy is effective for registrations starting […]

Incredible Forest Sections To Watch Out For On Himalayan Treks

A list of treks that offer an unforgettable experience of trekking through oaks, rhododendrons, maples, pines in the Himalayas

The Birthday I’ll Never Forget on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

What started out as a simple whim to do something different on her birthday, turned out to be one of the best decisions of Shreya Gautam’s life! Here’s a blog penned by her The year is 2018, and in less than a month I was going to hit a milestone in my life; turning 18! […]

What I Learnt On My First Himalayan Trek To Dayara Bugyal

Blog written by Nirvaan Sahoo When I was three years, Korigad Fort trail, near Mumbai was my first trek. I had enjoyed it the most because I walked all the way to the top and down. Then I heard about Himalayan trekking from many people, I always think of going one day. Finally, during summer […]

First Look At Kuari Pass Trek In 2020

Last week, Trek Leader Leo Saldhana went for a quick recce to Kuari Pass trek. From there he started sharing a photo-story, just as he trekked. It was like he was taking us along with him on the trek. Kuari Pass started taking shape in our minds as Leo shared pictures of how it looked […]

23 Weekend Treks To Escape Air Pollution Caused By Diwali

Set off on a weekend trek around Diwali to escape the smog-heavy city air. To make it easier, we have listed best treks around six prominent cities

Winter Trek On Snow To Dayara Bugyal: A Photo Gallery

It’s a treat to experience the Dayara Bugyal trek in winters. The setting is strikingly different from the rest of the year because the meadows are buried under soft, powdery snow. We’ve put together a gallery just so you know what exactly we are talking about. So go through these images and tell us in […]

Winter on Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek: A Photostory

It’s an unforgettable experience to climb to the summit of Chandrashila in snow. Winter sets in on the Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek in December. It deepens by January and February when trekking till the summit becomes almost impossible. So, if you want to experience this picturesque trek draped in snow, December is the best month to do […]

How the Opening of Atal Tunnel Impacts Trekking in India

The opening of Atal Tunnel has brought happiness in many travellers and trekkers. Read to know why you should rejoice too!

How Brahmatal Trek In Autumn Mesmerized Our Trek Leaders After Lockdown – A Photostory

Trek Leaders Nitesh Kumar and Vijeet Shaw were stunned to see the Brahmatal Trek in autumn colours. Here’s their photostory