Announcing Our Instagram #IH100K Contest Winners

Here are the winners for the Instagram IH 100K contest. Read this post to see their pictures and captions!

How To Stay Hygienic On Treks (Even During Your Periods)

Taking a shower during treks is out of the question. Then how do you maintain hygiene? In this article, experienced trekkers give tips to stay clean and fresh as you scale mountains.

November 2015 Blog Contest Winner

In November 2015 Varun Kaoundinya completed his trek to Goechala. Then he came back and documented his entire journey in a picturesque blog called “IN THE LAP OF KANCHANJUNGA”

How did Kuari Pass get its name?

It was in 1905 that Kuari Pass got its name, thanks to Lord Curzon. But what really led him to name this pass? Indiahikes local staff Dinesh Kuniyal tells the story.

What happened when two Americans decided to intern with Indiahikes

What happens when trekkers from outside India intern with Indiahikes? Two interns – Kelly Hodoval and Diane Pham – from the United States of America spent a month on Deoriatal-Chandrashila trail.

Sandakphu not affected by the earthquake in Northeast

Today morning we woke up to the news of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hitting Manipur. But it hasn’t affected the trek. All trekkers are safe and Sandakphu trek is running fine.

November 2015 Photo Contest – Results

Here are the results for the November 2015 Photo Contest! Congratulations!

October 2015 Blog Contest Winner

What happens when you grit your teeth and sketch amidst horses drooling all over your Camel Paints? You win the October 2015 Blog Contest! And that’s exactly what happened with Ishita Jain

How I learnt about social networking in the Himalayan village of Sankri

Our Operations Manager, Manav Menon, was lucky enough to spend time in Sankri, a quaint village in Uttarakhand. Those days gave Manav peek into the local lifestyle of the real mountain folk. Here’s a page from his diary.

Trekking teaches you humility, says 17-year-old Saheb

Saheb Singh Chadha comes across as a wise, young gentleman. And much of his wisdom could be credited to his rich trekking experiences. In a candid chat, Saheb reveals what trekking could mean to a child.

Price Children Pay For Staying Indoors

Health disorders in children are on their way to becoming a norm. What’s spearheading this negative trend?

The world is my playground, and I will keep it clean!

One early October morning, twenty-eight children from Daffodils School, Bangalore, saw the world in a different light…and made a difference that will last a lifetime.