Find Out What New Green Ideas Jaubhari Has This Summer

Our folks at Jaubhari are stepping into unchartered territory. June has been a month of new ideas and new learnings. We got plenty of opportunities to work with the local school and villagers on multiple green projects.

How Green Trails Ups Its Waste Management Game in Lohajung

Summer in Lohajung brings with a lot of Green Trails work. Read about how our team works with the local staff, local women and children to take green agendas forward.

1330kg Waste Collected And Segregated At Sandakphu Over 6 Months

With more locals from Jaubari participating in the Indiahikes Green Trails initiative, we have been able to collect, segregate and reuse a big load of waste from the Sandakphu trail. Here are the latest updates.

3112kg Waste Collected & Segregated Since Jan 2018: Green Trails Updates, Lohajung

From Jan 2018 to May 2018, Indiahikes trekkers have removed 3112 kg of non-biodegradable waste from the mountains. This is rarely their own waste; almost always it’s waste that others have left behind. Read a detailed report from this week here.

For Local Hero Rukmani Devi, Upcycling Is Not Just About The Money Anymore

Here’s the story of a woman who has defied the society, gone above and beyond the call of duty, to take the Green Trails mission forward.

Students, Shopkeepers, Govt Officials At Sari, Uttarakhand, Go The Green Way

Sari, a small village in Uttarakhand, takes a lead on waste management and creating awareness about environmental issues. The Green Trails team brings you updates from the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek base camp village.

How Dharamji, A Local Hero, Keeps The Lohajung Village Clean

Here’s a story about our Local Green Trails Hero from Lohajung, Uttarakhand – Dharamji. He manages to keep the entire Lohajung market clean. Send your message to him in this post!

How Setting Examples Help Us Fight Local Reluctance Towards Waste At Sari

It’s always an issue of reluctance amongst locals when it comes to handling waste. At Green Trails, we’ve always pounced on opportunities to communicate the importance of waste management. Once we get few people onboard, we set their examples to fight the reluctance amongst people.

6 Practical Ways Of Making A Green Model Village

Here are 6 practical ways that help us in making Jaubhari, a village on Sadakphu Trek, West Bengal, a green model village. I am sure these real-life instances will help you as well.

How Do You Think We Can Make Green Trails More Self-Sustained?

Innovation serves as a major enabler of the Green Trails Project. Let me tell you how with few real-life examples from Lohajung.

The Green Trails Journey: Consistent Efforts And Patience Hold The Key

Here are the Green Trails updates for the first week of April. We bring the latest to you from Lohajung, Sari and Jaubhari.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed – 2 Model Villages In The Making

At Green Trails, our main measure of success is when people actually see, realize and acknowledge the civic problems around them and work on solution strategies together.
Picture of Ecowarrior Devendar, a local businessman/shopkeeper from Lohajung who replaced Maggi packets with healthier/greener alternatives.