The Moh-Maaya of Preferences

Trek Leader Soumitra puts down his thoughts about preferences — his own preferences and trekkers’ preferences. As usual, his tone is humorous, sarcastic, subtle. Always worth a read!

What I Learnt From Birdwatching On Himalayan Treks

Our trek leader Soumitra shares his experiences and joys of birdwatching in Himalayas. In the last 8 months he’s spotted over 70 species. Read his story here.

Why Start Your Kedarkantha Trek From Kotgaon

We have explored several routes to Kedarkantha. And so far, we believe that the route from Kotgaon is most serene. Our Trek Leader shares his experience.

When In A Tent, Write A Postcard

Handwritten letters and postcards are much more valuable than emails or Whatsapp messages. Especially when sent from the world’s highest post office. Our Trek Leader tells you why.

A Trek Leader Observes: Selfies Are Cocaine

Trek Leader Soumitra shares his observations and opinions on the increasing number of trekkers who are enamoured with selfies instead of mountains.