Top 4 Rhododendron Treks in the Indian Himalayas

Read to find out which are the best rhododendron treks in the Indian Himalayas, when to time them and which sections to watch out for.

Indiahikes 24-Point Safety Check for Trekking during COVID Times

Safety is something Indiahikes is a pioneer of, and this extends to trekking during Covid times too. Read our 24-point safety protocol which is in place on all treks while trekking during the pandemic.

6 Significant Highlights of 2021 in The Trekking World

2021 has been one of the most significant years in the history of Indiahikes. Reflecting on the year that went by, we jot down the most significant highlights of the year.

25 Best Trek Photos of The Year 2021

Today, we have a special treat for you.  We have put together the 25 Best Trek Photos of the Year 2021. It has some of the best photographs taken by our trekkers (many of them look professional), our own team members and some from our photo trekkers.  We have handpicked these photos to showcase a […]

Brahmatal vs Ali Bedni Bugyal: Which of These Neighbouring Treks to Choose?

Brahmatal and Ali Bedni Bugyal — Two treks starting at the same base camp. Located in the same region. Climbing to similar altitudes of ~12,000 ft. Promising the same mountain views. Many trekkers make a wrong assumption here. They believe these treks to be very similar.   And then they make a bigger mistake.  They blindly […]

Exploration Story: A New Route to Gidara Bugyal

The story behind our recent exploration of the Gidara Bugyal trek from Barsu — one of the most adventurous and beautiful treks we have done so far!

Do-It-Yourself Treks Re-launched!

In reality, DIY trekking can be as lightweight as trekking with an organisation. A backpack does not have to weigh more than 10-12 kg.

10 Myths About Trekking in Winter Busted

Trek experts debunk some of the most common winter trekking myths. Take a look!

16 Photos of the Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek that will Make You Weak in the Knees

A Photo Story of the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek with few of the rarest photos. This is what the trek will look like if you’re planning to go there this summer!

How to Trek in Switzerland On Your Own (Includes Best Treks + 9 Important Tips)

Here’s a guide on how to trek in Switzerland on your own, including a few of the best trekking trails and tips of stay, travel and accommodation.

How to Prepare For a Himalayan Winter Trek – All You Need To Know

Yesterday, while chatting with our Experience Coordinators, I learnt something surprising. Out of 150-200 trekkers who call us everyday, the most common question asked is: how to prepare for a winter trek.  Right from physical preparation, to gathering warm layers, to buying/renting trekking shoes, to walking in snow, trekkers have several doubts.  I realised that […]

21 Stunning Photos of Winter Treks in the Himalayas

Today, I’m here to whisk you away to the mountains! I’m taking you through some of the best winter treks in the Himalayas. Not just one or two treks, but seven different treks — each one of them more stunning than the other. I’m doing this with a few of the rarest photographs of our […]