Uttarakhand makes Covid Report Mandatory for tourists from 12 states: March 31, 2021

Here’s the latest news on trekking during the second wave of Covid. Daily updates on travel guidelines from all states.

Indiahikes 31-Point Safety Check for Trekking during COVID Times

Small groups can now start trekking with us! We have opened up 8 Himalayan treks with a 31-point safety check. Read about it here.

6 Post-Trek Issues and How to Avoid Them – Numb Toes, Fever, Sunburn

Over 52% of our trekkers face different issues after their trek — numb toes, sharp pain in their toes, trek fever, sunburns and other issues. Here’s a bit about how to tackle and avoid these issues.

A Story that Showed me What Indiahikes is Made Of

After trekking with the whole Indiahikes team during an internal meeting, our Chief Editor shares her thoughts about what the Indiahikes team is truly made of.

New Weekend Trek Opened in Chirbatiya, Uttarakhand

Indiahikes, in collaboration with the Uttarakhand Forest Department, has opened a brand new weekend trek in Uttarakhand — the Chirbatiya Weekend Trek. Take a look!

16 Photos of the Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek that will Make You Weak in the Knees

A Photo Story of the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek with few of the rarest photos. This is what the trek will look like if you’re planning to go there this summer!

All Himalayan Trek Teams Safe from Nanda Devi Glacier Flash Floods in Uttarakhand: Latest Updates

All our trekking teams are safe from the flash floods in Uttarakhand. Here are the latest updates.

What Brings Snowfall to India – A Quick Understanding with an Expert

An interview with Meteorologist Akshay Deoras gives us a detailed explanation of winter snow in India, where it originates and how much snow we may see this year.

6 Great Alternatives to the Most Popular (Crowded) Himalayan Treks

Here are the 6 best alternatives to the most popular Himalayan treks of India. These are hidden gems in the trekking world, hidden in Uttarakhand, Himachal and Kashmir. Take a look!

Indiahikes Opens Treks To The Two Grandest Meadows Of India – Ali-Bedni and Gidara Bugyal

We have opened the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek and the Gidara Bugyal trek. These are treks that don’t need an introduction in the trekking community. They have often been touted as the best high altitude meadow treks of our country.  Nevertheless, before I get into details of these treks, I need to give you a […]

Why Do Trekkers Get Carried Away With Off-Seasonal Treks?

We are noticing a trend where more and more trekkers are choosing to do difficult high altitude treks during off-seasonal times. Is it wise?

Top 8 Off-Beat Himalayan Treks For Summer 2021

Here are the Top 8 Off-beat treks to do in summer. If you’re looking for a quiet Himalayan trek, with less crowds, these are the treks to do in 2021.