15 Best Himalayan Treks to do in Autumn 2021 (September, October, November)

Here is a list of the best Himalayan treks in autumn months of September, October and November in 2021.

Apply to be a Volunteer for IIM Himalayan Mountain Challenge this October 2021!

You’re invited to be a volunteer at the 10th edition of our Himalayan Mountain Challenge (HMC) with IIM Indore. Here’s everything you need to know about this unique opportunity!

Buran Ghati vs Rupin Pass – Which to Choose?

A comparison between two sister treks, deep-diving section by section, campsite by campsite, so that you know which one you should do.

Crowds on Treks: Are They Good or Bad?

Almost everyone correlates crowds to environmental harm. But is ‘crowd’ the problem or is ‘management of the crowd’ the problem? In this blog, Swathi Chatrapathy digs deeper to find answers

Who is an Ideal Team Player on a Trek? – Lessons from Kyrgyzstan

Are you? In this blog, Swathi Chatrapathy draws examples from Indiahikes’ latest exploration in Kyrgyzstan to illustrate what makes an ideal team player

Should Trekkers Offload or Not? What Do You Think?

Participate in this debate on whether trekkers should offload their backpacks on Himalayan treks and why. Click to share your opinion.

Himachal Pradesh Removes Prohibitive Order on Trekking in Kullu-Manali

The Office of the District Tourism Development Officer reversed the prohibitive-order on trekking in the Kullu-Manali region that was issued yesterday. Here’s the latest news.

10 Tips to Trek Like a Pro During Monsoon

In this post, we cover gear-related tips, a few camping tips and some bonus trips for those trekking on their own this monsoon. Take a look.

Expert Analysis on a HAPE Case in the Himalayas: A Real Life Case Study

Here’s a real life case study that takes you through the evacuation of a HAPE-affected trekker on the Hampta Pass trek in the Himalayas.

Hampta Pass vs Pin Bhaba Pass — Which Trek to Choose?

Hampta Pass vs Pin Bhaba Pass? Which trek should you choose for your next adventure? Read what our founders say about both of these treks.

Understand the Monsoon: Interview with a Meteorologist

We’ve trekked in the monsoon, often wondering what causes rains and questioned why it doesn’t rain in a particular month. Here’s your answer!

How to go about Trekking Post-Covid Recovery: A Doctor’s Note

Dr. Sreelakshmi talks about how to restart trekking once you have recovered from COVID. Here is a step-by-step guide!