How Trekking With Your Child Can Be A Great Bonding Experience

Often, you come across articles about how trekking is beneficial to children. But have you given a thought to what you might experience with them?

The Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar 2016

Deep inside all of us want to frame our walls with stunning mountain photographs. The Mountain Lover’s Gold Calendar 2016 features 12 such photographs.

October 2015 Photo Contest – Results

Here are the Top 4 winners of the October 2015 Photo Contest! Congrats!

September 2015 Photo Contest – Results

“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” – Ansel Adams. True to Ansel’s words, the Top 3 Winners for the September 2015 Photo Contest have been made with talent and a good eye for beautiful things. Take a look.

July Photo Contest – Results

We received a flood of entries from trekkers for the July 2015 Photo Contest. It was difficult choosing just three out of them.Take a look at the winners.

My first Himalayan trek – Diary of a 12-year-old

12 years old Atharv Kothekar, went on his first Himalayan trek to Deoriatal in 2015. This little hero has already completed 37 treks in the Sahyadris. Read here about his Himalayan experience.

Indiahikes launches its first ever Eco Hiking Programme in India

On July 7th, Indiahikes launched its first ever Hiking Club in India, at Daffodils English School. The very first day of the Hiking Club started with a bang! Take a look here!

Trekkers Speak

Here’s what a few of our trekkers have to say about their experience with Indiahikes.

How to enrich your child’s trekking experience

If you’re taking your child on a trek, there’s a lot you can do to make it more exciting for him – be it telling him a mythical story about the trail or educating him about a rare bird that you spot. Here are a few tips for you to enrich your child’s trekking experience.

Why should you encourage your child to hike?

Children are little bombs of energy. Here is why you should expose your child to the world of trekking and take them to the country side more often.

Why Green Trails

  As trekkers, it is our responsibility to ensure we leave the trails in a better state than we find them. This is our belief with respect to the environment. Being a responsible trekking community, Indiahikes has always tried to solve the problems of the mountains. Garbage on the trails, on river beds, in flowing streams, at roadsides, near […]

Can trekking change the way you think?

A young writer, Disha, has just stepped into the world of trekking. Every trek is teaching her something new about herself and those around her. See from Disha’s eyes what it’s like to start trekking.