What are the Best Himalayan Treks for Beginners?

What are the best Himalayan treks for beginners? If you’ve ever had questions about this, this episode is for you. Swathi sits with Vishal, a senior Trek Leader at Indiahikes, to find out the trek that would be the best fit for beginners.

Watch the first part of the episode below

To give you a brief of what Vishal has to say, here are the Perfect Himalayan Trek For Beginners

Deorital-Chandrashila trek: This is the one of the best treks to start off with, even for children. The distance covered is less than 25 km over four days, and the highest campsite is at a height of a little above 9000 ft.

Kedarkantha: For this trek, you need to be better prepared, short days where you cover just between 4 and 6 km, but it involves steep climbs.

Har-ki-dun: Not many beginners look in the direction of Har Ki Dun. This trek definitely ranks in the top three Himalayan treks for beginners. Long stretches are covered everyday, but the ascents are gradual, which makes it a great trek for starters.

If you are looking to challenge yourself after your first trek, trek leader Vishal lists out the next set of treks you can try. Watch the second part of the episode here.

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8 thoughts on “What are the Best Himalayan Treks for Beginners?

  1. Hi
    Can I request to share all your available trek in asending order of difficulty so that as a begnieer I can has complet idea to get enrolled with India Hikes.

    1. Hi Kaustuv, we already have all the treks segregated based on the level of difficulty. Please go through our website once more 🙂

  2. Hi,me and my friend are very interested in trekking. We have been on 2 trecks with india hikes from our school. We are only 15 years old and we want to go for a himalayan trek. Is it possible for us to go alone? We would love to enroll if there is such a trek available during may!

    1. Hey there, me and my friend are also looking for a himalayan trek during may. If you come across any good trek could you just reply? We are beginners ourselves.

  3. Hey,
    We are looking for a trek during October( 26th-29th). Please let me know if you are planning to arrange some trek for beginners.