Top 14 Photos from February 2023 Photo Contest | Nominations Out!

Top 14 Photos from February 2023 Photo Contest | Nominations Out!

Colours on Trek

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By Latika Payak


We've received overwhelming entries for the February 2023 Photo Contest, more than 1050 within a month! The theme was Colours on Treks.

For this contest, we wanted to see the most colourful side of the mountains you have seen. Through photos of flowers, mountains, green meadows, forests, flowers, bird life, animals, or a mix of all of these elements

And we're glad to see that quite a few photographs brought out some brilliant colours on the trek.

It was difficult to keep the top nominations to 10 photos this time. Therefore, after multiple rounds, we were able to zero in on these 14 photographs. Take a look at them and vote for your favourite photograph :)

The voting form is at the end of this blog.

1. Budha Madhyameshwar Trek- Amaan Raja

Stunning view of Mt. Chaukhambha reflected in the lake.

Photo by Amaan Raja

2. Dokriani Bamak Trek- Sagar Lanke

Look closely, this photo tells a story of the rising sun and trekkers getting ready for the trek.

Photo by Sagar Lanke

3. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek - Abhishek Gurudutt

This trek is known for bird-watching. But capturing birds through your lens is not easy.

Photo by Abhishek Gurudutt

4. Nafran Valley Trek - Vishal Pawar

One of the new treks in Kashmir. This route is remote and takes you to some of the most scenic parts of the valley.

Photo by Vishal Pawar

5. Beas Kund Trek - Shriram Rajaram

Monsoon is a time for blooming flowers in Himachal Pradesh. And this picture depicts it beautifully.

Photo by Shriram Rajaram

6. Nafran Valley - Chandni Ralli

Another one from this trek. Notice how coniferous trees line the beautifully manicured meadows. It denotes the perfect setting for a trek in Kashmir.

Photo by Chandni Ralli

7. EBC - Gokyo Lakes trek-Sushil Gowardhan

Look how the brilliant blue sky is getting reflected in the Gokyo lake. By the lake, you have the remote settlement of the Gokyo village. The turquoise roofs of the houses add to the beauty of this photograph.

Photo by Sushil Gowardhan

8. Harsil Village - Apurva Ulabhaje

Trekking by a stream in the Himalayas is a charming experience. This photo instantly transports you to the land of the mountains, with the stream, trees lining it and the mountains rising in the backdrop.

Photo by Apurva Ulabhaje

9. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek -Yogesh Shinde

This is one of the iconic photos which depicts the arrival of spring on the Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek. The snow has not melted, but rhododendrons have started blooming. And that makes for a vibrant picture, doesn't it?

Photo by Yogesh Shinde

10. Kuari Pass - Amaljith M K

It's always a sight to witness the morning rays lighting up the Himalayan mountains. This photo beautifully captures that scene.

Photo by Amaljith M K

11. Sural Waterfall - Aditi Panatu

Coming across a handsome waterfall on a trek is refreshing. Notice the lush greens and the rugged mountains in this picture. It shows a great composition!

Photo by Aditi Panatu

12. Markha valley - Sushil Gowardhan

This is a typical setting of Lahaul. Lush green valley with barren mountains in the backdrop. And then there's the remote settlement.

Photo by Sushil Gowardhan

13. Pin Bhabha Pass - Kedar Narwadkar

This is a pass trek. And this picture shows the green side of the trek, with beautiful flowering shrubs. This setting changes dramatically to a barren landscape once you cross the pass.

Photo by Kedar Narwadkar

14. Deoriatal Chandrashila - Ekansh Chaurasia

You get to see a range of mountains of the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas from the summit of Chandrashila. But this photo puts a beautiful spotlight on Mt. Nanda Devi, the tallest mountain in India.

Photo by Ekansh Chaurasia

We loved going through all the photos that you shared with us. But we are looking for the top 3 photos. And one of them is the Trekker's Choice Photo. So use the form below to vote for your favorite photo.

We will announce the winners on March 1, 2023.

Latika Payak

Senior Content Writer

About the author

Latika is a Senior Content Writer and one of the rare team members who has seen Indiahikes from its initial days. She was among the first few to begin creating content at Indiahikes, documenting treks around Maharasthra, interviewing trekkers and writing their stories.

Latika started trekking after joining Indiahikes and has trekked to Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, Tarsar Marsar, and Har Ki Dun.

With a strong background in print media and have worked with several publications. Latika is always hunting for great stories hidden in the folds of the mountains. Horror stories from ancient routes and villages of the Himalayas are her favourite.

She is presently working on bringing out news from the remote trekking regions of our country.

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