Sunrise at Kanchenjunga changed my life

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Sunrise at Kanchenjunga changed my life

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By Nutan Shinde


The count of blogs on Goechala trek is infinite now. Although I have scripted about Goechala trek, I have only described the trail from Viewpoint 1 to Viewpoint 2. This is because, I observed many bloggers have mentioned details till Samiti lake. But I believe the true essence of Goechala trek is the sand dessert: Zemthang and the climax Kanchenjunga peak from Viewpoint 2. I have added beautiful pictures to enhance the serenity of the trek.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

I relaxed between two rocks. Laying my back on the one at the behind. My eyes were glaring at the magnificent Kanchenjunga. I closely observed the movement of the clouds coming from left then slowly covering the peak of Kanchenjunga and vanishing towards the right behind the mountains. I was engrossed in this serene beauty. I wanted to be there..till the world ends. Read more here.


Nutan Shinde

About the author

Nutan is a Software Engineer at PacketDesign, Pune. She loves trekking because it brings her inner peace and satisfaction. Nutan recently went on the Goechala trek and captured her thoughts in a blog.

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