Announcing the results of August 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month C...

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Announcing the results of August 2018 Trek Photographer of the Month Contest

Category Photo Contest

By Harikrishnan


This month we got over 500 entries and all of those were beautiful photographs. Going through all these amazing pictures was almost as satisfying as going on these treks. Our judges have selected the winners. The trekker’ choice award is given to the photo with the most number of votes.

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Winner- Trek Photographer of the Month

Breathtaking meadows of the Kashmir valley – Gaurav Shah, Kashmir Great Lakes

The clouds, meadows and the sheep. Perfect wallpaper material.

This is what trekking in Kashmir looks like. The grazing sheep, meadows and the clouds add so many details to the picture. The play of light and shadows on the meadows below bring contrast to the photograph. A perfect wallpaper material.

First Runner Up

A local establishment in Lidderwat valley – Vaishali N, Tarsar Marsar

A local establishment in Lidderwat valley

The sun peeking from behind the mountains is making the photograph dreamy. This place looks like a perfect place to live in. The photographer has brilliantly conveyed the beauty of the area.

Second Runner Up

The Old man and the mountains -Aditi Mukherjee, Hampta Pass

A lonely trekker walking through the melancholic valley of Shea Goru.

This is a commonly used angle in trek photography. The picture is what a trekker sees while on the trek. Amazing choice of including the trekker as a subject in the picture. The long valley in the front adds depth. The dramatic sky adds to the aesthetic appeal of the picture.

Trekkers’ Choice Award

Reaching for the heavens – Yash Rathi, Hampta Pass

Reaching for the heavens Our descend from the hampta pass to the shea goru campsite bought us various wonders. This was our view of the indrastha parvath(local name). It is believed that the lords sat here through their meetings and hence flowed a river from here which sets its journey though thousand miles. It was super cloudy that day but it seemed like the cloud had cleared just for a fraction of a second for us to have this view. In love with it from the first sight.

As the title suggest, a heavenly picture. There is a beautiful depth to the picture added by flowers in the foreground. Amazing choice of angle.

Other Nominations

Mystical Gadsar Lake- Surya Raizada, Kashmir Great Lakes

Play of light at Gadsar lake.

The morning light is bringing in contrast to the photograph. We should appreciate the photographer’s choice of angle. Patterns in the mountains are so sharp and crisp. This picture looks like an invitation to the lake. A beautiful capture of this magical lake.

Golden Sunrise – Ajay, Tarsar Marsar

The most awaited phenomena on a trek. A sunrise to bring some warmth after the chilliness of the night. A sunrise whose rays penetrate and go to places that we can only dream of. A sunrise to say its time to pack and move and explore newer places.

A magical picture of the golden hour. The morning colours make the picture delightful. The orange reflection in the water below makes this photograph even more appealing.

A magical sunset at Balu ka Ghera campsite – Guneeta Singh Bhalla, Hampta Pass

The fog and fading sunlight converge on the lush green hills near Balu ka Ghera campsite to create a spectacular sunset light show.

Another golden hour picture which looks almost unrealistic. A smartphone photograph which proves that it’s not always about the camera. Just looking at the picture makes you want to go there.

A view of the valley of flowers – Sivakumar, Valley of flowers

This picture was taken at starting point of Valley of flowers meadows on a beautiful sunny day.

Delightful green and blue make the perfect combination for a beautiful photograph. You can see the entire valley in front of you. The pleasant weather helped in making the photograph idealistic.


Captivating Chandratal – Rekha, Hampta Pass

Crystal clear water at holy Chandratal

The framing of the photograph is wonderful. Gives a feeling that the viewer in actually touching the water.  The clear blue waters of Chandratal is matching with the blue sky.


The path less travelled – Vijay Gupta, Kashmir Great Lakes

The endless meadows of Kashmir.

A clear sharp photograph from Kashmir. The trails and the cloud patterns are merging to the centre which gives a depth and perspective to the picture. Vibrant blue and green are bringing in drama to the picture

And, that were all the nominations and winners for this month’s photo contest. Tell us which one you liked us the most by dropping a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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About the author

A photographer by passion and profession. Before joining Indiahikes, Hari has worked as a professional freelancer for many movie houses and NGO(s). His love for nature and mountains brought him to Indiahikes. With a bachelors degree in Physics, his area of interests include playing musical instruments and solo travelling.

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