Winners for September 2018 Trek Photography Contest

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Winners for September 2018 Trek Photography Contest

Category Photo Contest

By Harikrishnan


September is the month when the monsoon treks conclude and Autumn begin. Trekking in Autumn gives you the clearest views. The sky starts to clear up. You get to see amazing views of mountains and valleys.

We received some great autumn photographs this time. It was hard to pick to decide yet here are the winners for the September 2018 Trek Photography Contest.


View of Phutsirang campsite – Sudipto Chakraborty, Pin Bhaba Pass trek

Sudipto says “This scene attracted me, where the horse was grazing and the big mountain at the back was covered with snow”

A colourful photograph of the Pin Bhaba Pass trek. The green grassy ground, the autumn shades painted on the left mountainside and the snowy mountains in the background reflect the changing seasons. This is a perfect photo that displays the end of Monsoon and beginning of Autumn.

First Runner-Up

What lies ahead- Sitabja Dasgupta, Kedarkantha trek

Photograph taken on the way to Kedarkantha summit. Such amazing tent views make you want to go there again and again.

A brilliant morning on a brilliant trek! This photograph has a story and depth to it. Trekkers’ point-of-view always creates amazing photographs. The woman, mountains and the sky adds up to build a story for the viewer.

Second Runner-Up

First rays of sun on Tarsar lake – Pashmi Chhagan Chheda, Tarsar Marsar trek

This is an early morning reflection shot after snowfall just the previous day

Beautiful clear reflections of the mountains in the lake. The horizontal symmetry adds balance to the picture whereas the sunlight hitting the mountain provides a visual treat to the eye.


Trekkers’ Choice Award sponsored by AdventureWorx

Doors to heaven: Swargarohini peak – Nutan Tiwari, Kedarkantha trek

A great photograph that shows the beauty of the Himalayas. The layers of mountain ranges are sharp and clear. A view that can only be found in the autumn season.


Other Nominations

When the heavens decide to play a game of colours -Shubham Dixit, Kashmir Great Lakes

This picture captures the beautiful reflections of the peak in the clear waters of the river near Krishnasar Lake.

A sharp image with a lot of details. Kashmir always surprises you with its amazing settings. This picture has got everything in it. The mountains, water, reflections, blue sky, the green meadow, all this together makes for a great photograph.


Road to Chandratal – Iris Handa, Hampta pass trek

Iris says “One of the most dangerous road I have seen till now”

This is a beautifully composed photograph. It clearly show the terrain and how dangerous the roads are. Yet the clear mountain views and the blue sky are a delight for the eyes.

En route Litham campsite  – Vasanth Ravi, Buran Ghati trek

Vasanth says “It is not only the food and water that kept me energized, but it was also the views like these”

Another picture which shows the change in seasons. The photographer has captured monsoon, autumn and winter in one photograph. An intelligent choice of including all these in one single frame.

Village people from Janglik -Arun Kumar, Buran Ghati trek

Arun Kumar says “Just on the day we began the trek. Beautiful view of house at Janglik. The smoke coming out of chimney mixed with mist in the air!”

A brilliant photograph of a village man soaking up the morning sun. The backlight around his body and the light on the roof gives a glow to the photograph. The distant subject with his face hardly visible reminds us of the people that we meet every day and soon forget.



Going to the Pass – Bharat Kumar, Rupin pass trek

A barren and frigid landscape from the Rupin Pass trek

Icy and cloudy near the Rupin gully: this photograph is perfect wallpaper material. The shadow of the clouds on the mountains add a dramatic effect to the photo. The few patches of the sky impart a blue tinge to the photograph.

Vivid Vishnusar – Sarika Suresh, Kashmir Great akes trek

The lake brightens up with the colours of the mountains and both together give the viewer the most splendid spectacle

This photo is both dramatic and dream. The blurry reflections in the lake add drama to the photograph whereas the sunlight hitting the rocks creates shadow patterns that makes for a dreamy photograph.


And, that were all the winners and nominations for September photo contest. Tell us which one you liked us the most by dropping a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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About the author

A photographer by passion and profession. Before joining Indiahikes, Hari has worked as a professional freelancer for many movie houses and NGO(s). His love for nature and mountains brought him to Indiahikes. With a bachelors degree in Physics, his area of interests include playing musical instruments and solo travelling.

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