August 2016 Photo Contest - Results out!

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August 2016 Photo Contest - Results out!

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By Divas Mishra


On the outset, I would like to state that photography in the mountains is not easy. During your journey, many a time you might come across the perfect moment when everyone else is huddled up in their tents, and the wind is rendering your fingers numb. Nature always champions your cause, treating your eyes (and lens) to scenes of unimaginable beauty, but situations don’t. It is here that the mettle of a true photographer is determined. You should always know where to draw the line, and at the same time search for moments that are not staring you in the face, moments that everyone will not find.

Many of the participants in this contest have done exactly that, and it was with a lot of scrutiny that I have arrived at this list. It was truly an honour to have come across such brilliant entries, and I consider myself very lucky to be granted this opportunity.

With no further ado, here are the winners of the August 2016 Photo Contest! Congratulations to all the winners!


Hampta Pass trek – Parimala Ranganath

View from Shea Goru

This picture has all the makings of the perfect landscape shot – a striking foreground with the bright red flowers, a long exposure on the flowing river in the mid ground, and never ending mountains and clouds in the background. Every part of this frame catches the viewer’s eye.


1st Runner Up

Kanamo peak trek – Deepak Singh

Enjoying the view of Kibber

Another brilliant shot. The wonder of an explorer having stumbled upon an enchanted land – the rugged expanse of the Key Gompa makes for a wonderful frame. The prayer flags in the foreground add a lot of drama. Nicely done!


2nd Runner Up

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Pradeep BR

Motherly love in the Himalayas

What a beautiful story this picture tells! A mother providing for her infant in harsh conditions, against a stunning backdrop of Harmukh. Shows the level of compassion animals have for each other. Well done!


Trekkers’ Choice Award Winner

Bhrigu Lake trek – Mahesh Dahbi

The journey from Rola Kholi to Pandu Ropa

A nicely framed shot. A U-shaped valley in the foreground, with the mighty Dhauladhar/Pir Panjal forming the backdrop. Add some clouds to it and the love for the Himalayas is renewed.


Bhrigu Lake trek – Apurva Raj

Horses in action at Pandu Ropa

I love the activity in this picture, there are so many different things happening at the same time! A full-fledged fight taking center stage, while a horse calmly grazes in the background. Great timing!

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Sudarshan Jaganathan

Nanga Parbat at a distance

This is a very, very special picture, and you my friend are lucky indeed! What you are looking at, several kilometers away, is the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat. The Rupal Face is often referred to as the highest mountain face in the world, and rises a whopping 15000 feet from its base in the Indus River Valley. It is the deadliest part of a mountain which is known to be one of the toughest climbs in the world. Thank you for this shot!

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Pradeep BR

Twin lakes of Kashmir Great Lakes trek

This one looks straight out of Tolkien’s Middle Earth! Dramatic clouds rising above the twin, turquoise colored lakes. Add a human element to it, and you have a fantastic landscape picture.

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Ruta Nade Znikova

A calf that fancies human company

The Kashmir Great Lakes trail is well known for its’ charm and serenity. And this calf, standing on rolling meadows and bright blue skies, brings out the essence of this trail in many ways.

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Praveen Raj

On the way to Vishnusar Lake

Elements of this photograph lead us into the image, like the glacial remains on the right. That’s the reason why this one stands out.

Kashmir Great Lakes trek – Sushma Honnappa

Trekkers at Gadsar Lake

This shot shows us the essence of high altitude trekking. Some like to be on the move, while others stand transfixed. The backdrop and the reflection are just the icing here. Lovely!

Divas Mishra

About the author

Divas Mishra is a software analyst by profession, he is passionate about the mountains, and loves documenting his journeys through text and photographs. You can take a look at his travel blog<a href=""> "The Wayfarer Chronicles" </a> where he writes about his voyages.

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