Pin Bhaba Pass Trail Still Unstable After Last Week's Landslide. Here'...

Pin Bhaba Pass Trail Still Unstable After Last Week's Landslide. Here's A Temporary Itinerary

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By Swathi Chatrapathy


After last week’s landslide on the Pin Bhaba Trail, our recce team has been closely observing the section from Phutsirang to the pass. We had shared an update with a video in case you missed it.

But they have had no success of being able to cross the pass. There is still heavy rockfall on the trail where the landslide occurred. This is on the section from Phutsirang to the Pin Bhaba Pass.

So the pass cannot be crossed at the moment. 

“The trail is still unstable, with several rockfall areas. As we walk on it, the land is sliding away little by little,” reports the recce team from the slopes.

The teams leaving on 17th and 18th will not be able to cross the pass. 

Instead, we have an alternate itinerary for them.

Here’s the temporary itinerary for this trek

Day 1: Reach Kafnu; 6 -7 hours from Shimla. Pick-up will be organised from Shimla Old Bus Stand at 6.30 am. It will cost approximately Rs.8,500/- for a Bolero (6 seater).

Day 2: Trek from Kafnu (7,878 ft) to Mulling (10,637 ft); 8 hours, 11.3 km

Day 3: Trek from Mulling (10,637 ft) to Karah (11,653 ft)5 hours, 6.03 km

Day 4: Trek from Karah (11,653 ft) to Phutsirang (13,474 ft) and back to Karah; 7 hours, 9.8 km

Day 5: Karah to Tiya Valley Camp (Approx. 4-5 km)

Day 6: Explore Tiya Valley further

Day 7: Trek from Tiya Valley to Mulling (10.637 ft) (Approx. 9-10 km)

Day 8: Trek from Mulling (10,637 ft) to Kafnu (7,878 ft) 

Day 9: Drive from Kafnu (7,878 ft) to Shimla; 6-7 hour drive.

You are expected to reach Shimla by 5 pm.

This fits into the current Pin Bhaba Pass itinerary. The only change required from trekkers will be to change their last day’s travel from Manali and make it from Shimla instead.

Here are some pictures of Tiya Valley shot by trekkers this week

Tiya Valley is extremely picturesque. We are likely to be the only team trekking and camping there. It is disheartening that we cannot crossover to Spiti, but the trek is still fantastic on the Kinnaur side.

Here are some pictures of the valley.

Our next update about Pin Bhaba Pass will be out on August 28th

We are expecting the trail to clear out in the next 7-8 days. We are hoping for a heavy rain to wash out and clear the trail of the landslide debris. After that, the trail to the pass should clear up, making the pass accessible.

Our next few teams of trekkers are headed out only on the last weekend of the month.

So we will have an update on August 28th after another recce.

If you have signed up with us, your Trek Coordinator will be in touch with you directly on Whatsapp.

If you have any questions, drop in a comment. We’ll get right back to you!

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