Roopkund trek: Recovering from a Himalayan hangover

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Roopkund trek: Recovering from a Himalayan hangover

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By Sanjana Shah


The life of a doctor is hectic. More so in the city of Mumbai. When Doctor Sanjana heard of the Roopkund trek she knew that she had to be there. “How difficult could it possibly be?” she thought. What she did not anticipate was the beauty of the Himalayas and how it would leave her spell bound.


Here is an excerpt from the blog

With every step I adapt to the changing altitude and landscape, from dense dark green forests, lush green meadows to rocky mountain and snow clad pristine untouched summit. Fast acceptance to change and adaptability is the only tool to survive here. While your Trek Leader teaches  ABCD of easy backpacking as accessibility, balance, compactness and well done above. He was also suggesting tips to carry  life with ease by making relationships easily accessible, balancing work and life, compacting our worries and our life will be well done! Read more…

Sanjana Shah

About the author

Dr Sanjana is an artist by passion. She loves writing, meditation and meeting people. Her first solo trip was the Roopkund trek. Having spent all her years in coastal Mumbai, knowing the Himalayas up close was a life changing experience.