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Roopkund Lake- Conquering 15780 ft- Upasana Kakati

on-way-to-bedniYes, I was dumbstruck and my soul seduced completely the moment I climbed 15780 feet conquering the mysterious but beautiful emerald green Roopkund summit. It was a journey of mesmerising 8 days in lap of nature before we reached where our heart and soul already existed – Roopkund.

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Roopkund and the Magnificence of the Himalayas- Anupam Sarkar

IMG_20160520_132115Roopkund was my first high altitude trek in the mighty Himalayas and boy were people right, it’s romanticism at its best. This trek has everything from forests to unending meadows to storms to snowfall to snow-capped mountain peaks to a FROZEN lake.  I went with Indiahikes and the experience was superb.

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Roopkund Trek – a tale of Myth, Mystery and Mesmerizing beauty- Alok Nanda

dsc_0095-1Two of the most beautiful meadows of the Asia were on the card for the day- Ali Bughyal & Bedni Bughyal. 6-7-8 was the morning schedule. As each day, a group was coming; so the camps were kind of fixed. We didn’t have to untent the camp. That saved a little time and energy. But setting a tent and packing it is always fun for me. We moved through a thick forest and reached Ali Bughyal around 10 AM.

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My First High Altitude Trek – Aditi Bhat

Roopkund Aditi BhatYes, we reached Roopkund, our Summit at 15,750 ft. The Roopkund lake and the mysterious skeletons. Eerie vibe, but it somehow added to the triumph! “Yes, we made it alive!” (No, I’m not a Psychopath) But were we going to stop there? No way! The sky was literally our limit. We headed to 16,080 ft, Junargali. Heaven on Earth, no doubt…

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Roopkund : Transcendental ecstasy at the abode of Gods – by Arjun Haarith


The fascinating beauty of Himalayas is unparalleled. It attracts three groups of people – Saints, Poets and Nature Lovers. If you are game you can trek climb and explore the splendid valleys. There are thousands of spots in the mountains that will leave you spellbound. One such place is Roopkund, which is situated in the state of Uttarakhand in India.

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Himalayan Escapade to the riddles of the dead – Roopkund by Ritu Raj

Roopkund blog by Ritu Raj

The history of Roopkund is absorbing.  It is also called Riddles of the Dead or the Skeleton Lake. It houses about 200 human skeletons. So what happened to these 200 folks? Why all of them died at the same place? The skeletons were first found by a British forest guard in 1942. Initially, it was believed that the skeletons were those of the Japanese soldiers who had died while crossing this route during the World War II.

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Roopkund: A trek to Remember, by Ashwini Mishra

Roopkund blog - Thoughts talk

I like being in mountains. Mountains make me feel happy and at peace. I can stare at them for hours on end. However, this was a journey I was skeptical about. Coaxed into this trek by a friend, at that time I had no idea what I was signing up for. Never the one who was good in athletic activities, sitting at the team briefing listening about AMS and paining knees and how previous trekking experience was desirable, I just hoped to return safely.

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Roopkund – Not a travelogue, by Neel


I am an ordinary bloke. I do ordinary things. Pay my taxes, eat good food, lie occasionally, tell the truth often and wander about with a chip on my shoulder, mispronounce wander and wonder and rely heavily on spell checks as I type pretentious words to live up to my much profound reputation of being a ‘struggling writer’. I am an ordinary bloke. I disappoint and delight once in a while, embrace my own flaws and move along with a slight nod of disapproval from certain people who call themselves friends under the umbrella of hypocrisy.

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The traveller in me – Roopkund by Shobit Garg


Nanda Devi was drowned in nostalgia… It had been over a century since her marriage with Lord Shiva. Since then, she had not visited her parental home even for once. She felt lonely, longing to visit her home.
Back home, the last water source of the kingdom was drying up fast. It rained very little in the past decade. The crops had failed. It was as if happiness had long left the kingdom…Queen Nainawati went to the Baaman (head priest) and asked for resolution of the misery.

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Dream, dream, dream … All I have to do is dream by Srilakshmi

qWhen you want something badly, the Universe conspires to give it you. Though it looked like pure chance that I made it to the trek, I believe it was my destiny. So it was that I found in July that some colleagues were planning a trek to Roopkund. The plan never took off because of logistics issues in my group. There I was, back to square one, desperately seeking to travel but no clue where to. Then Ritu’s IM came as a heaven-sent. Someone decided to drop out. Would I be interested? Interested?? I grabbed the opportunity! And this is how my first medium-difficult trek materialized.


My trek to Roopkund by Sougata

Snow-Covered-Tents-Roopkund-Trek-With-India-Hikes-Day-4Roopkund Trek is one of the top 5 Treks in India. We trekked 48 kms in 6 days and reached a maximum height of 15,750 feet (4,800 mts). We saw snow fall and hails, walked above and through clouds, saw huge green meadows, climbed slippery and steep slopes and finally saw skeletons that are more than 1000 years old. This has been one of the best and most difficult treks I have ever done. Roopkund lake is surrounded with mystery and legend. This is truly an all rounder trek, from forests, meadows to trekking on snow and ice.

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To infinity and beyond – Roopkund by Mukul Mhaskey

blog 4 roopRoopkund is a pristine high altitude lake at 4800m. Situated at the base of the massive Trishul Peak this lake has an interesting history and tradition associated with it. Roopkund is located on a popular pilgrimage route and is part of a popular fest held every 12 years called the “Nanda Devi Jat Yatra”.

Several hundreds of skeletons are found here, believed to be from a pilgrimage party which perished here several centuries ago in a single calamity, possibly a hailstorm.

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Why I did it and why I will do it again – Roopkund by Pragalbh Vashishth

blog 5 roopThe idea of trekking in Himalayas came to me while browsing the Internet 4 years back. The thought of walking through tall trees, meadows, streams, and snowy slopes was captivating. I don’t know what kept me away from it for so long, but when the discussion on this year’s vacation came up, it was only a matter of packing a backpack and getting out there. What I didn’t know back then was that this was going to be challenging, yet one of the most memorable tasks of my life!

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Chronicles of Roopkund by Puneeth N C

blog 6This is a personal recollection of the experience of the trekking expedition to Roopkund with Indiahikes, an enterprise that conducts similar expeditions in the Himalayas. The rich experience of going on such a high altitude trek inspired me to document the various details of the trek for the benefit of others who wish to trek to Roopkund and also as a fond recollection of the trek for those who already had an opportunity to be there.

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Roopkund for whoever’s going next by Malvika Jain

blog 7The trek to Roopkund lake, snugly hidden among peaks in the deep Himalayas is a fairly tough but do-able one. The Indiahikes team quite rightly considers you fit to attempt Roopkund if you can run 5km in 30 minutes. I would say that to train for this trek you should also do the treadmill at an incline, and without messing your knee from overkill, improve your stamina by climbing stairs to say the 15th floor of a building.

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Mystery of the skeleton lake – Roopkund by Sai Ganesh

blog 8Bill Aitken, the famed Indian travel writer, describes thus in a poetic vein, the high altitude lake of Roopkund. He credits fellow mountaineer Shambu Nath Das, the ‘Sherlock Holmes from Bengal’ with the revelation of the mystery behind the hundreds of human skeletons adorning the bottom of this hidden glacial lake. While most people clung to the theory that these belonged to Military personnel or Tibetan traders, Das did an exhaustive study to prove them wrong through empirical evidence.

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