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At Indiahikes, we have custom-made equipment that is meant for rigorous high altitude trekking. Whether it is the trekking pole, balaclava, poncho or suncap, each of them is tuned to trekkers’ requirements. Order them simply for the thought and experience that has gone into each product. Order online and pick it up at the base camp.

Trekking Pole

Crosstrek pole specifications
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If you want to have a good trek, take a trekking pole with you. You can find out exactly why you need a trekking pole in this video.
The Crosstrek 56 Trek Pole is custom-made to suit Himalayan treks.

  • It is made of Aluminium 7075 Alloy – the strongest grade aluminium.
  • There is an external lock mechanism. This makes it easier to adjust the length of the pole. It also increases the durability of the pole.
  • The length is adjustable between 65-135 cm, which will suit even a 6 ft tall person.
  • It has a Tungsten Steel tip, which is covered by a rubber protector.
  • It comes with a basket, for use on forest floors and in snow.
  • The handle has an absorbent material for good grip. It also absorbs sweat.
  • The strap is long and padded so it doesn’t hurt your hand.
  • The pole weighs 260g

A Crosstrek Pole costs Rs.900 each (inclusive of 18% GST).

You can order it online and pick it up at the base camp of your trek.



IMG_7846 (2)
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The weather is always unpredictable at high altitude! You never know when it is going to rain, or when it is going to snow. It’s mandatory to carry a poncho with you. It’s lighter and more compact than a raincoat. It covers you from head to toe and also covers your backpack. You can even use it in cities, while riding or walking.

  • The material is completely water-proof.
  • It is very light and compact. It fits into a hand-sized bag.
  • The size is universal. Anyone can fit into it.
  • It comes with buttons on either side and arm holes.

The poncho costs Rs 540 (inclusive of 5% GST)

You can order the poncho online and pick it up at your base camp.



Hiking Hat

The sun can zap your energy completely at high altitudes. You will definitely need a hat during the day time. It will help you avoid sunburns and retain energy.

With this hat with flaps, the back of your neck and your ears will be well protected. You will have no need for sunscreen lotion with this cap.

  • It has detachable flaps. The flaps are attached with buttons.
  • Comes in a pleasant colour that can be worn well in natural settings.

The Crosstrek Hat costs Rs 470 each (inclusive of 5% GST).

You can order it online and pick it up at the base camp of your trek.


High altitude trek team T-shirt


If you have done a trek, then wear it proudly on  your sleeve! High altitude treks are not everyday things. They are memories and accomplishments of yours that will last forever. These t-shirts with the names and altitudes of treks serve as perfect memorabilia.

  • Material – Synthetic
  • Available for men in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
  • Available for women in Small, Medium and Large sizes
  • Men’s tshirts come with round necks, women’s tshirts come with V-necks

The t-shirt costs Rs. 280 each (inclusive of 5% GST).

Order it online and pick it at the base camp of your trek.


Reversible fleece balaclava

IndiahikesIMG_7834 (2)

On a high altitude trek, it is important to cover your head and your neck. Nothing does that better than a balaclava! Here’s a custom-made balaclava that you can use as a neck-warmer (an excellent and light replacement for a scarf). It even doubles up as a cap to cover your ears. It is reversible with blue on one side and black on the other.

  • The material, fleece, will keep you warm even at negative temperatures.
  • Comes in a universal size
  • It is expandable and will fit anyone
  • The reversible feature adds for variety

The reversible fleece balaclava costs Rs 230 (inclusive of 5% GST). These are not available easily at sports stores, so getting it here would be your best bet.

Order it online and pick it up at the base camp.


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