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Working at a startup can be extremely rewarding and equally frustrating. In our organization everyone seems to be doing everything! It is very different from a corporate culture. Here responsibilities are high, work is busy. Yet, people like what they are doing.

We are looking for people to join us. We think you’ll love a career in our world of treks.

First, a bit about Indiahikes. Indiahikes is primarily a trek documentation organization. We explore, write and document treks. We do this in great detail so that everyone can organize their own treks. Ideally no one must need an organization like Indiahikes to take them on treks. This is our philosophy.

To fund our documentation process we also organize treks. The participation on our treks has grown. Today Indiahikes is India’s largest trek organization. Indiahikes is a pioneer in trekking in India. Most trails in India, trekking processes, safety systems, equipment has been introduced to Indian trekking by Indiahikes. We are proud of our legacy. Which is why we want the best people to work with us

In this context read our work requirement below. But first, read what it means to work at Indiahikes

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Indiahikes Team Members

Just like us there are many who love the mountains and the world of treks. They just want to be involved in this world in some way or the other. If you are someone like us and want to devote your full time to this world then you can be an Indiahikes team member. The roles available are:

1. Ground Coordinators (operations)

Ground Coordinators run Indiahikes treks from the ground. Work involves being part of trek operations and managing trekkers. It is a role which has operations and communication. You are always talking with trekkers, understanding them, learning from the experience. On the other hand you are extensively coordinating with our team to ensure treks run well. As you grow you get opportunities to go on Indiahikes treks, participate in running trek operations. Salary starts between Rs 3.6 lacs and Rs 4.2 lacs per annum.

Career progress within and outside the organisation is high. Applicants for Ground Coordinator must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 25 years old.
  • Must have done a high altitude Himalayan trek (more the better)
  • Must have 2 years work experience (in other industries).
  • Must be willing to be Bangalore based.
  • Must have excellent English and Hindi communication skills. Your written English skills will be tested.
  • Male or Female

2. Trek Leaders

Trek leaders lead the Indiahikes teams in the mountains. Work involves being in some of the greatest trek slopes of our country. On the flip side trek leaders spend months in the mountains away from family and friends. Trek leaders at Indiahikes, of course, call it the best job in the world! If you’re looking for an adventurous career option, this is it. 

Trek leading is a skill that is learned. Applicants must devote up to one month for Asst Trek Leader Training before being considered as a trek leader. Training is imparted on leadership, safety, operations and climbing technology. There is a final selection at the end of the training program. The ATL program pays candidates a stipend of Rs 2,500 per week.

Applicants for Trek Leaders must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must have 2 experiences of trekking in high altitudes above 14,000 feet/or a Basic Mountaineering Course certificate from a reputed Institute.
  • Must be willing to acquire a BLS certification (basic life support). A BLS certification can be done in any metro city at reputed hospitals.
  • Must have excellent English and Hindi communication skills.
  • Must be at least 25 years of age, preferably with work experience in a different industry.
  • Must follow an active fitness regimen. BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 and 24.9.
  • Smoking and drinking is not permitted under our work conditions. If you smoke or drink then it is something that you need to leave behind.

Before you apply for the post of a trek leader, read this article about what the job involves. 

3. Assistant Trek Leaders

Would you like to assist Indiahikes trek leaders? Perhaps be a future trek leader? The ATL program is suitable for:

  • Individuals who do not fully satisfy trek leader selection criteria (background, age, etc)
  • But looking to be future trek leaders with Indiahikes

ATL applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 23 years old
  • Should have experience in trekking (preferably at high altitudes)
  • Work experience in other industries is given preference
  • Must have excellent English communication skills.
  • Must follow an active fitness regimen. BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 and 23.9.

ATLs undergo extensive training for 6 months before being considered to be TLs with Indiahikes. The training is in two stages. First stage is of one month, where candidates are assessed whether they have potential of being a TL with Indiahikes. If assessment is successful, after one month they become Provisional Trek Leaders (PTL). The PTL training program can last up to 6 months. During the ATL training program candidates earn a stipend of Rs 2,500 per week, PTLs earn a stipend of Rs 25,000 per month.

Before you apply for the post of an assistant trek leader, read this article about what the job involves.

4. Part-Time Work with Indiahikes (home based)

There are some who would like to be part of the adventurous world of Indiahikes but cannot devote full time to it. We have some home based work options for them. Opening are in:

  1. Photo Managers: Role involves cataloging the database of Indiahikes photographs, working on them and uploading them on the website. To work on this role you need a good eye for photography. 3-4 hours a day.
  2. Relationship Coordinators: Indiahikes gets lots of terrific reviews everyday. The role requires you to put the reviews together, upload them, and at times work on the suggestions given by the trekker. 3-4 hours a day.
  3. SEO Editor: The role requires you to learn Search Engine Optimisation (don’t worry, we’ll train you). You need to apply the optimisation skills on the many articles and blogs that appear on our website. 4-5 hours a day.
  4. Editor: Are you good in English? Have you got anything printed? We are looking for Editors who can edit our articles. Prior experience will definitely get preference. 4-5 hours a day.

Salary for all part-time openings start at Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000 per month.

 5. Content Writers

Are you looking for a job opportunity in travel writing? Can you write about a trek in a way that makes people want to go there? At Indiahikes we want people to trek. Content writers can make treks come alive with their writing. Content writers are part of our content and documentation team. Content Writers help document our treks. They gather information about a trek, put trek stories together and write articles about our world. Content Writers also work with photographs, videos and social media. It is a variety of work. Prior writing experience especially in print media is given preference. This role is full time and Bangalore based. You need to be an outdoorsy person for this role. When you apply send us sample/links to your work. Send us a creative cover letter. It tells us how you write! Salary starts between Rs 3.6 lacs and 4.2 lacs per annum.

6. Accountant

Being an accountant with Indiahikes is not the same as in other organisations. We are not looking at someone who can just crunch numbers. We are looking for someone who can be one of us. Someone who will love the mountains and enjoy counting stars under an open sky.

Accountants must have minimum of 2-3 years work experience and be proficient with Tally. Around 25 years old. The work is Bangalore based and full time. Salary starts between Rs 3.6 and 4.2 lacs per annum.

7. Software Developers (Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Android)

Can you write really good code? We are looking for software developers who can be creative and help grow the technical front of Indiahikes. If you are into developing apps, you can apply too. Software developers get opportunities to go on Indiahikes treks. The role is Bangalore based. Salary is flexible.

8. Trek Photographers

Do you think you take photographs that make a trek come alive? We are looking for photographers who can make photographs tell a story. Photographers are sent on assignments on treks. Your treks are fully sponsored by Indiahikes. Your photographs are featured on our website and, if lucky, on our yearly calendar.

Photographers need good fitness and must carry their own equipment. Apply with links to your work.

9. Social Internship with Indiahikes

Indiahikes offers a Social internship program as part of its Green Trails Project. During your internship you will be directly involved with tackling the problem of waste management in the mountains. Your work will include undoing damage of the past while putting into place new processes that will ensure that the mountains are left in a better condition. This will help catalyse your career in several professions – right from writing to engineering and management.

Internship duration is 30 days. Internship stipend: Rs 2,500 per week.

Requirements expected of Green Trails interns:

  • A university degree or experience of working on environmental issues.
  • Strong interpersonal and motivational skills
  • High level of fitness and capacity to endure physical hardship
  • Willingness to spend internship time living in the mountains (seems romantic but not easy)
  • Good working knowledge of English. Spoken Hindi is an added advantage.
  • No drinking or smoking

To know more about what being a Green trails intern involves, read this article.

10. Graphic Designers

Designers are required to develop Indiahikes brand reach to the outside world. The work involves designing infographics, merchandise, content and branding. Experienced designers preferred. Assignment based work.

11. Team doctors

As a doctor, do you want to spend some time in the mountains? Indiahikes is looking for doctors (min MBBS and not Dental) to be a part of our trek team in the Himalayas. Duration – 20, 30 or 45 days. Doctors are paid an honorarium of Rs 1,000 per day calculated for the number of days spent.

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