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Fascinating Stories About How Some Of India’s Most Famous Treks Got Their Names

It was April 2021. We had just started from Tapoban, the base camp of our Kuari Pass trek. We had trekked for hardly two hours, when commanding views of Mt.Dronagiri brought us to a halt. Our trek leader decided it was the perfect time for a break, to enlighten us with stories of the mountains […]

Indiahikes Sari Basecamp: A Quick Photo Tour

Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek starts from a small village called Sari. It has around 100 houses. If you reach Sari when the sun is still out, walk around the village a bit. Notice how the paddy fields are so prettily laid out that they almost beckon to you. There is also a small school amidst the fields. […]

12 Most Beautiful Alpine Lakes To Trek To In India

Clear, pristine, and glistening, Himalayan alpine lakes hold up a mirror to the breathtaking beauty that surrounds them. Imposing peaks cast their awe-inspiring reflections on the waters even as soft, puffy, white clouds glide across their surface. When the sun goes down and the heavens turn inky blue, the lakes reveal the incomparable beauty of […]

Why Fixed Camps Are Better For The Environment – An Unnecessarily Controversial Topic

We share why fixed camping, a practiced followed all around the world, is the most sustainable way to camp with more and more people taking to trekking.

Who is an Ideal Team Player on a Trek? – Lessons from Kyrgyzstan

Are you? In this blog, Swathi Chatrapathy draws examples from Indiahikes’ latest exploration in Kyrgyzstan to illustrate what makes an ideal team player

The Indiahikes Standard Cancellation Policy

We understand the pain when you have to call off a trek or a trek gets cancelled. As trekkers, we always look forward to treks, and after months of training and planning, if you have to cancel your trek or a trek gets called off, there’s no greater disappointment than that. That is why we […]

What it Means to be a Trek Leader at Indiahikes

Trek Leader Akshay Upreti shares how it feels to leave the ‘safe and stable’ corporate job and work in the world of outdoors at Indiahikes

How Microspikes Came Into Indian Trekking

Did you know that microspikes were introduced to high altitude trekking by Indiahikes? Here’s the back story of how this innovation came into Indian trekking.

Why Trekking With Indiahikes is About to Take a New Turn

At Indiahikes, we’re redesigning our trek experience to make the impact deeper, more internal and more transformative. Here’s a little bit of what to expect.

Here is How You Can Contribute to Our Website

At Indiahikes we stand for trek information. One aspect of it is that we document treks. We document them in great detail — right from the landmarks, water sources, the kind of forests and terrain you see, to photographs and videos of the trail.   Ideally, we believe that you shouldn’t need an organisation like Indiahikes […]

A TEDx talk by our Chief Editor, Swathi Chatrapathy, which has Rare Career Wisdom

Our Chief Editor, Swathi Chatrapathy, was invited a few months ago to deliver a TEDx talk. Swathi was very keen to talk about how anyone must look at work. She was much anguished about some fundamental mistakes people seemed to be making in their careers.  Her thoughts are fresh, insightful and full of practicality. Swathi […]