How We Keep Students Safe During the Himalayan Mountain Challenge Program

Many a times we get asked about the safety of students on a Himalayan Mountain Challenge. Read on to know how we keep your students safe!

What The Trek To A Himalayan Peak Taught Me

Prateek Raj, Assistant Professor of Strategy at IIM Bangalore writes about his experience of his trek to Kedarkantha peak with his students. Read to know more!

How Does Learning Happen On The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Program?

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How The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Transforms Students Into Collaborative Leaders

Here’s how the Himalayan Mountain Challenge transforms B School students into Collaborative Leaders through Experiential Learning on treks.

This Is The Least Discussed (But Most Important) Topic In Trekking

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How Trekking Can Boost Your Management Skills

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Things To Get On The Himalayan Mountain Challenge

The IIM Mountain Challenge takes place in the most beautiful slopes in the Himalayas. But to make sure your trek goes smooth, ensure you carry all the things mentioned in this quick checklist.

Each time you trek, the experience is different

The students of IIM Indore went on treks to Dayara Bugyal, Kedarkantha and Roopkund with Indiahikes in October 2014. They had a tremendous time in the mountain slopes. Professor Srinivas Gunta of the same institution, who alone coordinated with all the 300+ students and went to Dayara, speaks to us about how he pulled off the magnificent task!