Discovering Flavours Of India, One Trek At A Time

Arjun Majumdar, Founder-CEO of Indiahikes, takes us on a food trail. He explores rustic flavours of India from Uttarakhand to Ladakh, Kashmir and Sikkim

5 Stunning Highlights Of Tarsar Marsar Most Trekkers Fail To Notice

The Tarsar Marsar trek gives trekkers a unique experience of camping between two alpine lakes, a feat that no other trek offers. Here, Arjun Majumdar lists out five stunning aspects of the trek that unfortunately, most trekkers fail to notice.

How Difficult is the Valley of Flowers Trek?

An insightful article describing the difficulty level of Valley of Flowers trek along with expert tips on how to prepare for it.

Pin Bhaba Pass vs Pin Parvati Pass: Which trek to choose?

Pin Bhaba and Pin Parvati Pass are often spoken of in the same breath. They have similar challenges, similar scenery and similar landscapes. In this article, our founder Arjun Majumdar helps you choose between them.

What Makes Kedartal A Difficult Trek

The Kedartal trek is one of the most difficult treks on our list. But the breathtaking view of the lake and makes it all the more rewarding.

Why Bhrigu Lake Is The Perfect Trek For Fit Beginners

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Kashmir Great Lakes Vs Tarsar Marsar – Which Kashmir Trek To Choose?

Our co-founder, who explored both Kashmir Great Lakes & Tarsar Marsar, helps you choose between the Kashmir treks by writing down their highlights and contrasts.

Gaumukh Tapovan: What Was Once India’s Favourite Trek

The Gaumukh Tapovan trek is one of India’s oldest, most unique and most favourite trek. Read this article to know more.

Why Sandakphu Is One Of Our Best Treks For The Cultural Experience

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Why Phulara Ridge Stands Out Amongst All Treks In Our Country

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6 Reasons Why You Should Climb The Kanamo Peak

Kanamo peak (19,553 ft) is a highly challenging peak trek that does not require mountaineering expertise. Our Trek Leader Tanmay Bain shares why he would choose Kanamo peak over every other summit trek.