The Ultimate Guide To Dog Friendly Hiking Trails In India

Aren’t all trails dog friendly hiking trails? I had seen Himalayan shepherd dogs climbing high mountain passes. That gave me the impression that dogs can trek anywhere. How wrong I was! A discussion with pet-owners at Indiahikes revealed the real story behind trekking with pets. It’s riddled with good questions and challenges that any dog-owner […]

My Trek Predictions For The Decade of 2020

Our Founder Arjun Majumdar shares his observation on trekking from the past decade, and his predictions for the decade to come. Read on to know some of his thoughts.

How Trekkers Help The Economy In The Mountains

Here are some real life stories about the Indiahikes mountain staff, and how Indiahikes trekkers have helped economy in the mountains grow. You may have even met a few of these people. Read on to know more.

How Trekking Is Changing

Trekking as an adventure sport in our country has changed a lot from its days of inception. Right from better safety standards, active government participation, to environment-friendly programmes such as Green Trails we have come a long way. But is all this enough? Read what Arjun has to say on this.

What Makes An Ideal High Altitude Trek Team

The team that you trek with can make or break your trek experience. Here, we decode what makes a great trek team. Take a look.

Are Indian Trekking Trails Getting Crowded?

With increasing number of trekkers every year going to the Himalayas, are the Indian trails getting overcrowded? Read this article to know the stark reality and what we as trekkers can do in this situation.

Why Stay Three In A Tent: Indiahikes Founder Shares His Thoughts

As a follow up to the ‘two of three to a tent’ debate, we have the thoughts of our founder on this. And it’s different from everything discussed so far!

Why Trekkers need to take Safety on Treks more Seriously

In the second article of his three-part series on safety, Arjun Majumdar writes about a worrying trend that is spreading in the Indian trekking community.

What Do Our Trek Difficulty Ratings Mean?

All our treks are rated either easy, moderate or difficult or somewhere in between. These ratings are based on trekking standards, depending on length of the trek, terrain, water availability and more. Here’s how.

How can we Make Mountaineering an Active Sport in India

Since mountaineering is still an unconventional and hard-to-get sport in India, Indiahikes has started training young mountaineering enthusiasts. Here’s why. Also find details about an exploration of Mt. Jogin 3.

Why You Must Go On A Trek Date Before Getting Married

Arjun Majumdar talks about how a trek helps in making a better choice of a life partner.

How trekkers help grow micro enterprises in the Himalayas

With increase in the number of trekkers, mountain folk are able to improve their livelihoods through micro-enterprises such as dhabas and homestays. With a little bit of monetary help from bigger organisations and soft-skill training from volunteers, these micro-enterprises have been doing wonders!