How Trekking Transforms Relationships – A Personal Story

Today’s story is from one of our own, Rutuja Nighot, who shares her experience of how a trek changed her relationship with her mother. This was a story that struck a chord with us.

Should Trekkers Offload or Not? What Do You Think?

Participate in this debate on whether trekkers should offload their backpacks on Himalayan treks and why. Click to share your opinion.

The Climb Called Covid — A Poem Apt for the Current Times

Here is a poem by a COVID survivor, and a trekker with Indiahikes who takes you on a journey from the summit to the base camp.

The Swarm of Bees – an Adventure Story from Mt. Abu

Some dates are hard to forget. They are engraved in your bio-memory due to the very extreme life-threatening experience that you have either gone through or witnessed. The same is the case with the date 15th May 1986. I don’t make any effort to remember it. The entire story of “THE SWARM” unfolds before me. […]

Contribute Trek Photos to the Indiahikes Database

We need help with some good photographs of trekking trails in India.   You would know that the Indiahikes website is the largest database of trek information in India. Over 13 years, we have written over 1,250 articles, documented 225+ treks across the country. Which means, whichever state of India you are from, you will find […]

15 Thrilling Mountain Documentaries to Watch During Lockdown

Candid truths and grim stories tumble out of these brilliant mountain documentaries. Take a peek to check which documentaries made it to the list

10 Inspiring TED Talks on Hiking and the Outdoors to Watch During Lockdown

Here’s a list of inspiring TED Talks on hiking and the outdoors that will instantly connect you with nature and the lovely crisp mountain air

21 Must-Watch Mountain Movies During COVID-19 Lockdown

An excellent list of mountain movies that explore the relationship between humans and mountains. Ever wondered why we climb, maybe these movies hold a clue

19 Must-Read Books on Mountaineering and Trekking in Himalayas During Lockdown

A book-list of must reads in the field of trekking and exploration in the Himalayas. There’s also an additional short list of best books on wildlife.

Bottle Bricking and Five Life Lessons I Learned While Trekking in the Himalayas

A poignant account on how trekking in the Himalayas can change the way you look at life. Written by 14-year-old Richik Pal

A Note to Indiahikes Founder from an Economist who Trekked to Ali Bedni Bugyal

An economist, who went on his second Himalayan trek with Indiahikes, came back and wrote a note to our founder. This is what he wrote.

The Story of the Brahmatal Trek and How My Journey Unfolded With It

Editor’s note: Megha went on the Brahmatal trek and was taken in by the ever-present views of Mt Nanda Ghunti and Mt Trishul by her side. She penned her thoughts down immediately after she returned. We loved the personifications in her writing, where she brings the two majestic peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas to life. […]