A Story Of Hope From Remote Darjeeling

A heartwarming story from a small town near Darjeeling where a township came together to upcycle more than a tonne of plastic waste!

What Happens To The Wet Wipes You Leave Behind

Be it the cities or the Himalayas – wet wipes are harmful – to you and the planet. Find out why trekkers should not use wet wipes.

Support Green Trails To Keep The Himalayas Clean

We need some help from you to make trekking in India more sustainable. For nearly 8 years now, Indiahikes has funded the Green Trails project to leave the mountains in a better condition. After all these years, Green Trails has almost turned into an organisation on its own. This is where we need your support. […]

How Far Would You Go To Clean The Hills?

While most of us enjoy trekking, there are very few of us who practice sustainable trekking practices. Let’s take a look at what more needs to be done.

How This Swedish Citizen Uses Eco-Bricks To Fight Plastic Pollution In Manali

This week’s local hero story is about Hawey, a Swedish man who found friendship, peace and a sense of purpose in Jagatsukh, our base camp of the Hampta Pass trek. His actions revolve around the local environmental welfare. This makes him our hero. Read his complete story here.

Our New Upcycling Ideas at the Sandakphu Base Camp: Jaubhari Updates

New upcycling ideas always gets us excited. Having more upcycled ideas means more ways to use the waste generated on the Himalayan slopes. It is no surprise that every upcycled item is a high-five moment for us. Read more in our updates from Sandakphu.

How our Local Hero Sukhman Daju Helped Create An Eco-Village in Sandakphu

Sukhman Daju is the go-to person for our Green Trails team at the Sandakphu base camp. He has helped Indiahikes make Jaubhari a model eco-village. Read more to know how.

A Documentary Film On Green Trails By Red Bangle Films

Lakshmi Rebecca from the Red Bangle Fiilms, set out on a journey to Roopkund to see how the problem of waste is tackled in the mountains. Check out her insights in this video movie clip.

Indiahikes Joins Hands With Gati Foundation To Tackle Environmental Issues In The Himalayas

Indiahikes has just associated with Gati Foundation in Uttarakhand to fight the increasing plastic pollution in the Indian Himalayas.

Lohajung Comes Up With New Upcycling Ideas: Updates From Roopkund

Read about the upcycling ideas at Lohajung, the Roopkund base camp.

How a Solo Female Traveller From Germany Found Home and Peace in Kuling: The Story of Local Hero Elisabeth

When Local Hero Elisabeth came to Uttarakhand 16 years ago, she was not a local. Today, she is one of them. Read about how she made her way into people’s hearts, their lives as she took an initiative in their environmental welfare.

4 Schools, 12 workshops and 1,370 kgs of waste collected: Updates from Sandakphu

The upcycling energy is picking up momentum at Sandakphu. This means more segregation at source, more safe waste disposal and more awareness.