Ongoing Green Trails Projects

We are looking for interns with specialized skills to take Green Trails projects forward. Find details of the ongoing Green Trails Projects here and apply!

10 Ways To Keep Your Green Trails Spirit Alive At Home

Green Trails Crusader, Ori Gutin, puts down ten simple ways of keeping your Green Trails spirit alive. Start your green home with this article.

What Children In A Remote Himalayan School Learnt About Upcycling

The students of a school in the remote village of Lohajung participated in a 5-day workshop organised by the Indiahikes Green Trails team. In five days, they were teeming with upcycling ideas. Read their story here.

What Trekking To Sandakphu Taught Me About The Garbage Crisis In The Himalayas

Maya Kilpadi, a social researcher, writes about the garbage crisis at Sandakphu and why the Green Trails initiative is a necessary step towards keeping the mountains clean.

How Plastic Bottles Were Upcycled At Remote Villages In Uttarakhand

A big Green Trails team in the Himalayas came up with an innovative way of upcycling disposable water bottles into construction bricks. Take a look!

How we Innovate to make Trekking Environmentally Sustainable

Through our Green Trails initiative, we are always trying to find alternative ways to process, reduce and recycle waste. Here are some of our experiments.

How We Manage Waste Collected On Our Treks

When we trek the Himalayas – there is a lot of waste produced and also collected. In fact, our trekkers go out of their way to help clean up the slopes. Here’s what finally happens to all the waste collected.

Detox Your Body: Make Chemical-Free Toiletries For Your Trek

We all trek for a physical and mental detox. Yet, with the ingredients most of toiletries have, it defeats that very purpose. Here Lakshmi, our Green Trails Coordinator, shares a few alternatives you can try instead of commercial toiletries.

My Fourth trek to Roopkund: Reflecting on the highs and lows

Back from his fourth trek to Roopkund, Green Trails Intern Nikshep gives an account of the work that is being done on the slopes. He felt awful to see the sorry plight of holy places. But the enthusiasm of local staff and their awareness of green practices gives him hope for the future.

How an eco-village at Jaubhari triggered a major movement at Sandakphu

Green trails crusader Lakshmi went on her first trek to Sandakphu and was shocked by the state of affairs. Garbage being burnt in the open and piles of rotting debris. Here is the story of how she designed a model eco-village at Jaubhari.

Roopkund: An untold story in the Himalayas

The El Nino effect disrupted practically everything in the Himalayas: from agricultural produce to availability of water. Here is a little story of how local folk took on the mammoth task of ensuring trekkers had water at each campsite.

A lesson in eco-friendly trekking that no classroom course can teach you

On the recent trek to Hampta Pass, Nikshep our green trails intern realised why exactly he stayed back in the mountains, and ditched his biochemical engineering classes back in college.