7 Unusual Treks You’re Probably Overlooking This Year

Looking to do an offbeat trek this season? I’ve listed out 7 often overlooked yet stunning treks we have that most trekkers tend to miss out on.

12 Weekend Treks in the Himalayas from Delhi

You know, sometimes I’m envious of people who live in Delhi and around. The Himalayas are just an overnight journey away from the cities. In fact, with a little planning, you could go on weekend treks in Himalayas almost every month, if not every weekend. And the best part is, that you can do the […]

7 Best Day Treks & Hikes near Bengaluru

As much as all of us at Indiahikes office in Bengaluru love trekking, we are unable to spend extended periods in the hills. So what do we do?  We spend our weekends hunting for a one day trekking places near Bengaluru. Of course, there are the mighty and the famous ones like Kudremukha, Kodachadri, Kumara […]

Best One Day Sahyadri Treks Near Mumbai

Too often, after a trek, we hear trekkers saying that they can’t trek so often because the Himalayas are so far off to travel too. And they don’t have enough time off at work. That they love the jungles, the mountains, the valleys and the nature and wish they could trek more often. But they […]

Why Start Your Kedarkantha Trek From Kotgaon

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6 Himalayan Treks Where You Don’t Need Indiahikes

This Independence Day eve, we bring you 6 Himalayan treks that you can attempt on your own. Most of these treks have the required infrastructure to support the first-time trekker. Read this article to know about these treks.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Rupin Pass Trek

These FAQs on travel to and from the Rupin Pass trek will help you plan your trek better.

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Gaumukh-Tapovan: A Journey To The Source Of River Ganga

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Which Himalayan trek should you choose as your second one?

After your first Himalayan trek, you might want to challenge yourself a bit more. In this episode, senior Trek Leader Vishal and Swathi discuss the next level of Himalayan treks you can do.