Fenix CL23 Tent Lamp Review: A Practical Camping Lamp For Trekkers

We tested the Fenix CL23 Tent Lamp on the Dayara Bugyal trek. We believe it’s a very handy piece of equipment for regular trekkers and campers. Here’s our take on it.

FENIX HL60R Headlamp Review: A High Utility Premium Headlamp For Trekkers

The Fenix HL60R Headlamp is definitely a notch above most headlamps in terms of brightness and range. A long-lasting battery and the sturdy waterproof metal body makes it a wonderful companion on long treks. Read more to find the pros and cons of this product.

Adventure Worx Xplore 50 Backpack – A Compact Backpack That Fits A Budget

This latest backpack from Adventure Worx ticks the boxes on most fronts. Read the entire review to see if you must buy one.

Adventureworx WindBlock Lumi Jacket Review – A Warm, Tough Jacket For Your Himalayan Trek

I used the Adventure Worx – WindBlock Lumi Jacket, recently on 2 of my treks. Here’s a review of this jacket based on parameters of warmth, fit, Material, Cost and much more. Read it to find whether this jacket is a good buy.

Forclaz 200 Women’s Mountain Hiking Fleece Jacket Review – A Smart, Snug & Ideal Jacket For The Cold.

Fleece jackets are an indispensable part of my trek and winter gear. Here’s a detailed review of Forclaz 200 Women’s Hiking Fleece Jacket.

Mountaineering Pants by Decathlon – Excellent Pants For Long Treks And Expeditions

We tested the Simond Alpinism Pants by Decathlon on the Kedarkantha winter trek. It’s one of the best products we have reviewed in 2017. Read about it here.

X-Light Down Jacket – A Fiercely Warm Jacket For Himalayan Treks

The X-Light Down Jacket is one of the most useful padded jackets we have tested out on our Himalayan treks. Here’s a detailed review of the jacket.

TREK 700 Review: A Premium Shoe For Frequent Trekkers

We tested out the Men’s Trek 700 shoes by Quechua on our Himalayan treks. Here’s a detailed review of the premium trekking shoes.

Deuter Futura Vario Backpack Review: Well-Engineered For Long Treks

The Deuter Futura Vario 50+ 10 is a backpack that is in with you for the long haul if you are a high altitude trekker. Here’s a detailed review.

Ledlenser MH6 Headlamp Review: A Premium Headlamp For Regular Trekkers

The Ledlenser MH6 headlamp is a good long term investment if you’re a regular trekker. Here’s a detailed review of the headlamp.

CAT S60 Review: A Rugged Waterproof Smartphone For Adventurers

The CAT S60 sells itself as the world’s first thermal imaging smart phone. We reviewed the S60 smart phone to test its practicality. Read full review here.

Wildcraft Manaslu 50L Rucksack Review: A Sturdy Rucksack for Himalayan Treks

Sandhya tested the Wildcraft Manaslu 50L Rucksack on her hiking trip to New Zealand. She reviews the rucksack in detail. Take a look.