How to Prepare For a Himalayan Winter Trek – All You Need To Know

Yesterday, while chatting with our Experience Coordinators, I learnt something surprising. Out of 150-200 trekkers who call us everyday, the most common question asked is: how to prepare for a winter trek.  Right from physical preparation, to gathering warm layers, to buying/renting trekking shoes, to walking in snow, trekkers have several doubts.  I realised that […]

Trekking With High BMI – All Your Questions Answered

In this article, we want to share some observations about why BMI matters and what you can do if you have a high BMI.

Dehydration at High Altitudes – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons trekkers fail to complete their treks. But this can be avoided by simply recognising symptoms, staying hydrated and taking required steps. Read on to know how to deal with dehydration.

8 Food Habits to Follow While Trekking

If you’re going on a trek, you might need to tweak your food habits a bit. You might need to cut down on protein and increase your carbohydrates intake. Nisha Ann Reginald finds out what’s healthy and what’s not to eat on a trek.

A Beginner’s Guide to Get Fit for a High Altitude Trek

At Indiahikes we believe that getting fit for a trek enhances your trek experience. Here is a training guide to get fit for your high altitude trek.

A Guide To Start Your Trek Fitness Preparation

The first step to going on any trek is training for it. Here is a step by step guide on how to begin your running. Read to know more about the different types of runs and workouts you can do to stay fit.

Why Running Is A Good Pre-Trek Workout: A High Altitude Marathon Runner Speaks

We always ask our trekkers to run before a trek. Want to know why? Rahul Verghese, a marathon runner gives you the science behind running and high altitude trekking.

Why Non-Veg Food Is Not Good On A High-Altitude Trek

There’s a reason why we discourage trekkers from having non-veg food on the trek. Read this article to know the science behind the effects of high-altitude on your digestive system.

Why is Fitness Important for A High Altitude Trek: A Trek Leader’s Perspective

Why is fitness critical and what does it mean to get fit for a high altitude trek? What is the the ideal fitness plan to build stamina, strength, balance and flexibility. Find out how a few simple exercises can get you all set for a trek.

Can You Help Trekkers Out Of This “Fitness Faking” Epidemic?

We’ve noticed that many trekkers have started faking their fitness. They have begun to fool us by showing fake fitness proofs. And they’re struggling on their treks. Even our Trek Leaders and staff members find it difficult to handle unfit trekkers. And we need a way out.

Can Being Fit Reduce The Chances Of Getting AMS?

This week’s podcast tries to answer an important question about Acute Mountain Sickness. Can being fit reduce the chances of getting AMS? Give it a listen.

4 Healthy Protein Bar Recipes for Trekkers

Here are a few healthy protein bar recipes that you can make and take on your trek. These are greener alternatives to packaged protein bars.