9 Tips To Descend Safely On A Trek

Knee pain, toe pain, blisters are common on long descents while trekking. So here are a few useful tips to descend safely. They will help you avoid any kind of injury.

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Here are a few healthy protein bar recipes that you can make and take on your trek. These are greener alternatives to packaged protein bars.

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7 Tips To Pack Your Backpack For A Monsoon Trek

If you’re going on a monsoon trek, whether in the Himalayas or in the Western Ghats, it’s important that your gear is dry. So here are a few expert tips to keep your gear dry.

How To Deal With A Knee Injury On A Trek

A knee injury is always tricky to deal with. Here, Aswati narrates her story of how she got injured on a trek and shares tips on how to start the recovery process.

Why Valley of Flowers is Uttarakhand’s Most Popular Trek

Valley of Flowers is an old and well-established trail with more than 498+ flowering plants. It is also the only trek in Uttarakhand that you can do during the peak monsoon. In this episode, Swathi sits with our cofounder Sandhya about what makes this trek so popular. Watch it here.

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Goechala through the Seasons

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11 Places To Visit In Spiti After Your Trek

Spiti Valley is a moonland with plenty to offer our trekkers! With a lot of our treks beginning or ending in this surreal Valley, we decided to list out our favorite places for you to experience after your trek.

What ‘NOT’ To Take On Your Trek

On a high altitude trek, even a handkerchief can weigh you down. More than knowing what to take, you need to know what NOT to take in your backpack. Here are a few quick tips to help you out.