Chadar trek review by Gopalakrishnan

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Chadar trek review by Gopalakrishnan

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By Sandhya UC


(Chadar trek- 3rd Feb’2013 Batch)

First of all I thank IndiaHikes from my heart, for making such an wonderful, joyfull and peaceful journey. I won’t call it as a trek though. I should say they  did not organize a team to lead and help, rather they arranged a family to make an wonderful journey memorable.

Now I am back to Bangalore, but I still feel the Chadar in my heart, the river sound, calmness of Himalayan valley, Nirak village, cute kids of Nirak, porters love and caring, lovely Julee..Julee.. words, bits and pieces of Chadar. What ever I saw; I felt a spiritual touch in it. I could feel the love shown by the Himalaya on all those 8 days. I am very proud for my birth and breath in India which has great richness in Spritual in the form of Himalaya. All these experiences come along with me through out my life and I am sure that it will uplift me further to realize the truth. I love you Chadar. These are all the words from my heart.

I must say, There are NO cameras in this world to capture this beauty. There are NO languages in this world to describe the experience I got thorough out the journey. However these are all just words to discride the experience, that’s all. One has to experience this beauty to get the real happiness and heart touch.

Thanks you. God bless you. I request you to experience the Chadar’s love once in life time.


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Sandhya UC

Co-Founder & COO

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Sandhya is a founding partner at Indiahikes. Over the past ten years, she has explored and put on the map few of the greatest Himalayan treks in India, including Kashmir Great Lakes and Kedarkantha. She is a TedX Speaker and has been awarded the Women of Worth Award by Outlook Business in 2017. She believes in sustainable living just as she believes in sustainable trekking. Read a feature on Sandhya in Outlook Business Read Sandhya's other articles Read Sandhya's TedX Talk How I Climbed The Mountain Of Entrepreneurship