Chadar trek Review-Manasa Balumer

(Chadar trek- 26th Jan’2013 Batch)

I am going to be ever thankful to you for the chadar trek.Not only were we surrounded by scenic beauty but also we made friendships that am sure are going to last for a lifetime. Rahul, you rock! Surely my next trekis going to be with you.

As far as the trek itself is concerned, being a Mumbaikar, when I first heard of the temperatures on the trek, I was a little apprehensive. But then Bharti’s email addressed to the group where she said the cold was ‘easily manageable’ (ahem) was assuring so I packed my bags and boarded the flight and I’m glad I did!

Few regrets on the trek:

  1. I lost my brand new trekking shoes!! 🙁 Will stuff the shoes INSIDE the bag and won’t tie it on the sides of the rucksack next time)
  2. I could have easily done away with my rucksack! Had offloaded my bag to the porter so I packed a day pack. I realised that I dint open my rucksack till the end of the trek! Lesson well learnt – you really don’t change on a trek where temp goes as low as -30!!
  3. Don’t make good friends on the trek ’cause leaving them is really difficult! Left with a really heavy heart at the end.

Unfortunately we couldn’t complete the trek up to nerak because of the unformed chadar. Hoping to join again next year and finish the trek.

The chadar experience all in all was AMAZING. The food was great and I found myself overeating. Whoever said that the worst thing about the trek is the scarce food should think again. I cant think of a single thing that India hikes should have done differently. It was very well organized and managed. The team was excellent.

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