What the trek difficulty ratings mean

38. Rupin Top

Treks are graded based on certain criteria as per trekking standards. Please use this chart to understand what the difficulty ratings pertaining to your trek, mean. This grading system pertains to Himalayan treks only.

Treks are classified based on the following criteria:

  • Altitude gained every day of the trek
  • Highest altitude of the trek
  • Length of trek each day
  • Gradients during the trek
  • Nature of terrain (grass, even path, gravel, stones, boulders or slippery)
  • Temperature during the trek, snow/ice on the trail, camp site locations
  • Availability of water




Trails are even and gently laid out. They usually run through meadows and forest cover. There are no big climbs or descents. Usually, these treks are not more than 4-5 days long. Camp sites have good access to water. Easy to exit from the trek at most times. Eg. Deoria Tal Trek


Moderate  Trails are generally even but may have short steep climbs or descents. Days trek could last up to 6 hours. Trail may run into snow or climb above 14,000 feet (4,200 m). Treks are usually 4-5 days long. Camp sites usually have good access to water. Easy exits possible from some camps but not all. Eg. Hampta Pass Trek




Trails are generally even but could have rough sections. There could be long sections on snow, moraines or boulders. Steep climbs and descents sometimes over three hours long could be present on some days. One or two sections would require careful navigation. Trek could last 6-7 days. Temperatures at higher camps could dip in minus. Highest altitude gained could be above 15,000 feet (4,500 m). Chances of altitude sickness possible. Easy exits possible from some camps but not all. Eg. Kashmir Great Lakes




Trails could be uneven on some days. Trek days could be long, stretching to 8-9 hours. Highest altitude gained could be above 16,000 feet (5,000 m). There could be some high altitude camps where air is thin and temperature in minus. There usually would be long walks and climb on snow. Glacier/crevasse crossing possible. Chances of altitude sickness high. Weather is generally unpredictable with rain/snow chances any time. Few exit options. Eg. Pin Parvati Pass Trek



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