Kumta to Gokarna Beach Trek

Duration 2 Days Difficulty Easy - Moderate
Easy - Moderate
2 Days
Trek type
Trek type
Crossover trail. Starts at Kumta beach and ends at Gokarna beach.
Max Altitude
Required Fitness
Kumta beach
Best time to visit
Best time to visit
November to February

The Kumta to Gokarna beach trek is a 20 km long hike between two towns in the Uttara Kannada district – Kumta and Gokarna. The trek starts from Kumta beach, & goes all the way up to Gokarna beach, passing over fifteen beaches en route.

Kumta Kudle Beach Trek
The viewpoint on Kumta beach. An interesting location offering a panoramic view of Kumta and the vast Arabian Sea.

The trek alternates between beaches and hilly terrain and walks you through some of the most scenic beaches in India. Most of these beaches are “virgin”, meaning they are untouched by tourists and are inaccessible by road, making the trek all more interesting and worthwhile.

Nirvana beach - Kumta Kudle beach Trek
Nirvana beach and the 8km long bay as seen from Nirvana Cliff.

In short, this trek is every photographer’s dream come true. The best time to do the trek would be after monsoon recedes, from November till February. Though the trek is easy, walking 20 km does demand some amount of endurance. Therefore, this trek is best suited for people with a considerable amount of fitness.

Here are some more photos from the trek:

A note to trekkers

Indiahikes does not run the Kumta to Gokarna Beach Trek any time during the year. However, it is a wonderful Do-It-Yourself trek

Indiahikes only runs treks in the Himalayas. You can choose a Himalayan trek that you wish to based on your experience, season and difficulty here

A trek to Gokarna through Unknown Beach Trails 

  • A trek that goes through more than 20 pristine beaches on the west coast of India
  • Most treks involve mountains, or forests, or valleys. This trek contrasts the usual destinations and still gives you that adrenaline rush.

Day 1

  • Distance: 12.8 kms

Upon reaching the Kumta beach, start walking North, parallel to the road. Although the trek is pretty straightforward, Google maps will prove to be useful throughout your journey. You reach the Kumta beach viewpoint in about 10 minutes.

From here, get down on the road to get to Vannalli Beach. Walk along the beach until you see a small trail going around a hill. This trail going through grasslands eventually takes you to Mangodlu beach. Another small trail connects the Mangodlu beach to the Kadle beach. You will be going through a mixture of rocky terrain and grasslands. The Kadle beach marks the beginning of the 8km coastline that is called the Nirvana Bay.

Kumta Kudle Beach trek - Indiahikes - Amogha Skanda - Kadle beach
Kadle beach – the starting of Nirvana bay.

Fresh water is available only at two places – the first one is at a village called Gudeangadi, which is a slight deviation after about halfway through the Nirvana Bay. The second one is at the end of the coastline at the foothill of the Nirvana cliff . Trek your way up to the Kagal fort on the Nirvana cliff. The trail is not that prominent here so take the help from the locals and ask them to direct you. Once you make your way up, the first sight of Gokarna on the other side of river Aghanishini will soothe those frayed limbs!

From Nirvana Cliff - Kumta-Gokarna-Beach trek - Indiahikes - Amogha Skanda
The Nirvana Bay as seen from the Nirvana cliff. PC: Amogha Skanda

After enjoying the view, keep the fort wall on your left and follow it all the way to the very end. A small opening in the wall will take you down to Heaven beach. The trail down to Heaven beach goes through some dense vegetation yet it’s quite prominent. Enjoy the sunset and pitch your tents here.

First view point - Kumta - Kudle Beach Trek
Our first break at the viewpoint. The mesmerising view at the beginning only drove us to cover faster and enjoy the rest of our trek. The view teased us into wanting more.

Day 2

  • Distance: 9 km

Start early in the morning. A trail on the right towards the end of the beach will take you to the river Aghanashini. This river is about 1 km wide and can be crossed only by a ferry.

Once you’re on the other side of the river, head towards Belekhaan beach by following the road from here till the end. Here you see two trails – one goes left and the other one goes straight. Take the one which goes straight. The trail is prominent and passes through forest cover and leads to Paradise beach. From here the trail alternates between a grassy terrain and beaches. In less than one hour you pass through Small Hell beach, Half Moon beach and Om beach and eventually reach Kudle beach. Enjoy a peaceful lunch on the beach here. The Gokarna beach is about an hour away from here.

Paradise Beach - Kumta - Kudle Beach Trek
Paradise beach, Gokarna. True to its name, the small cove is the perfect weekend getaway. It is well connected by ferries from Kudle and Om beach.


Kumta is well connected by road and rail. Take the Mangalore – Madgaon passenger express from the Mangalore Central Railway station. It reaches Kumta at around 10 AM. Walk till the Kumta Bus stop that is about 1km from the railway station. Pack sufficient food and water for two days and board a bus to Aghanashini. Get down at the Kumta beach stop, and start walking.

The trail is quite easy and mostly goes through grasslands and beaches. However, walking 20km over a span of two days requires a considerable amount of endurance.

What should I pack for the Kumta to Gokarna Beach Trek?

  • Small 20L backpack
  • Two One litre bottles
  • A jacket or poncho in case of rain
  • Tents and sleeping bags
  • Snacks

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    1. Hi Sandhya,
      We do not run treks in this region. If you wish to trek here on your own, November-February are the best months.

      1. Sandeep we might be a group of 4 people interested in the trek.
        the only catch is that we will be able to make it only during Nov last week, precisely nov 30- Dec 1 as we have our exams.

    1. Hi Sumeet,
      We do not have a map for this trail. The trail is not very clearly defined – you will have to explore a little and ask locals in a couple of places.

  1. I did part of this trek – from tadadi to Om Beach. It was only about two hours but great fun. Thank you so much for the helpful information. Now this has given me confidence to go further.

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  2. Hi,
    I am planning to do this trek on 22nd and 23rd of February 2019, I have a few quires it would be of great help if you could address these queries
    Is this an ideal time to do this trek ?
    I plan to tent at the heaven beach as u have mentioned above, is it safe like/ is it an isolated place that I cannot find any localities?

  3. planning to do this on 24-25 march . is it feasible ? is the weather too hot? which is the safest beach to pitch a tent at night?

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