Why choose this programme

In our years of experience as a trekking organisation, we have observed that adults imbibe lessons from the outdoors on a daily basis. Children are much more receptive to the world in their growing years. It is the perfect time to inculcate valuable lessons from trekking which will stay with them throughout their life.

Why Should Your School Join The Eco Hiking Programme?

This Programme is aimed at instilling students with essential soft skills, life skills and make them more environmentally conscious. Read more to learn about how we do it.

How a Trek With Indiahikes is an Ideal IB-CAS Program

The CAS programme with Indiahikes is designed to develop students’ core personal skills such as problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and interpersonal skills. To know more, read this article.

Institutions We Work With

“While trekking, the students get to spend some time with their own selves which a lot of children don’t get to do in the big cities. Trekking allows them to reflect on how they’re feeling. It also introduces you to your own fears. You get to know a lot about yourself. The students are out of their comfort zones; they get to know their batchmates and not restrict themselves to their friend circles.” 

Ms. Kaveri, Cambridge School, Bangalore

“On the trek I saw the stronger children helping the weaker ones. I saw kindness and I saw gratitude. This effect seemed to remain even after the trek where a new strong bond seemed to be formed between those who were mere acquaintances before the trek. The children felt more eager to come to school and were more attentive in class.”

Amita Mani, Principal of Roopantara Centre for Learning

“A really fun experience trekking up the hill. Th view and the wind at the top was amazing. Seeing the beauty of nature, I feel we should preserve it carefully and not pollute and be careless towards the environment. The clean-up activity on the trek is a very good initiative. Cleaning and picking up wastes on the track actually made me feel good and satisfied.”

Dhruv Suvarna, Class 10

“The bond created between classmates, was definitely the biggest highlight, it was loads of fun as students helped one another. Teamwork was an important lesson I’ve learnt from this trek, this is indeed a beneficial exposure to all who participate. About the clean-up activity on the trek, I personally believe it is an incredible initiative to be aware of our surroundings and to keep it clean.”

Siya, Class 10