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Outdoor Experiential Learning at Indiahikes

Integrating Learning with Adventure

What is the Outdoor Experiential Learning Programme at Indiahikes?

Outdoor Experiential Learning at Indiahikes involves thrilling mountain adventures with a focus on three distinct groups – Schools, Colleges, and Corporates.  Our programmes blend treks and camping with targeted learning objectives.

Indiahikes believes Everyone Must Trek, because trekking transforms the body, mind, and spirit.  Combine trekking with a thoughtfully designed learning programme and the impact is profound.

Treks as a medium of learning closely mirror life – the joys, the complexities, the possibilities, the challenges, and how best to navigate them.

Our Programmes

For Schools

Reconnecting children with the outdoors and using treks to impart valuable life skills and leadership skills

  • Day programmes
  • Multi-day programmes
  • Workshops for teachers on Outdoor Experiential Learning

For Colleges

Building Collaborative Leadership skills for success in a rapidly-changing world

  • 6-day Himalayan programme

For Companies

An immersive programme that elevates team bonding, productivity, and collaboration through trekking

  • 1-day programme
  • 2-day programme
  • 6-day Himalayan programme

Trusted by Organisations Across India

Why learn outdoors?

Every moment spent outdoors empowers people with the skills, attitudes, and behaviours to succeed in life.

Away from traditional learning environments:

Children begin to view their own selves and abilities in a new light.

  • They face real-time challenges and develop more confidence
  • They build emotional and mental resilience
  • They learn care and compassion for others and the self

Young adults at a crossroads develop a stronger sense of self.

  • They learn humility
  • They discover inherent courage to face challenges in their professional and personal lives
  • They find the confidence to go against the grain and make informed life choices 

Working professionals realise that success isn’t about getting ahead or domain expertise. It's in how well they work with others.

  • They learn to collaborate instead of compete
  • They bond with team members at a deeper level
  • The mountains impart real-world lessons in conflict resolution, agility, effective communication, and empathy

Indiahikes Outdoor Experiential Learning in videos


Key elements of Outdoor Experiential Learning at Indiahikes

Immersive and accelerated learning

  • "Learning by doing" distinguishes Experiential Learning (EL) from other approaches
  • EL delves faster and deeper into aspects that otherwise take longer to emerge in classrooms, in boardrooms, or at home

Real-world contexts

  • There are no simulations or role plays on an Experiential Learning trek. Our programme design ensures that every action and consequence is real.

The role of the facilitator

  • Expert facilitation is crucial to guiding participants toward sustained behavioural transformation
  • Indiahikes facilitators refine and enhance participant learning, allowing them to revisit activities armed with new knowledge.

How all of it began

The Indiahikes commitment goes beyond organising and documenting treks. We’re dedicated to creating new avenues of learning and growth.

Over the years, we’ve seen how trekkers come back from the mountains with not just memories, but profound learnings.

Indiahikes envisioned programmes that would amplify these takeaways - where nature became the ultimate teacher, healer, and motivator. 

The idea excited us. We knew we were onto something special and saw many people benefitting from the richness of the experience.

With this vision as our north star, we took a leap of faith and the Indiahikes Experiential Learning Programme was born.

What is the ultimate aim of Outdoor Experiential Learning at Indiahikes?  

To inspire collective reflection and action on what truly makes life worth living:

  • Continual learning and adventure
  • Discovering the self and others
  • Forging friendships
  • Finding and building a community
  • Building enduring relationships with the natural world

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