Hiking Club Reviews

Here is what the students who have been a part of the Hiking Club have to say about their trekking experience


“Amazing experience, absolute fun, and sun tan ;)” – Jhanavi Suri, Class 10, Makalidurga trek 


“So this was our second trek after the nandi hills, and was really amazing, mostly because we had bir sir and suhas sir with us ! Theyre the perfect people to go with on a trek 🙂 The biggest highlight of our trek was again the amazing summit, and the weather, and the different kinds of insects we got to see. We learnt how to survive in a forest kind of area, where there only tents and no light.” – Disha, Class 10, Kopatty trek 


“The bond created between classmates, was definitely the biggest highlight, it was loads of fun as students helped one another this educational along with being incredibly fun! Teamwork was an important lesson i’ve learnt from this trek, this is indeed an beneficial exposure to all who participate.

About the clean-up activity on the trek I, personally believe it is an incredible initiative to be aware of our surroundings and to keep it clean.” – Siya nayak, Class 10, Makalidurga trek


“The scenic beauty!!The silence and view made the trek a peaceful getaway from the noise of the city.The smell of lemon grass in the air was an icing on the cake.” – Ishika Mittal, Class 10, Makalidurga trek 


“The moment when we reached the remains of the fort was one eventful moment. It reminded me of the poem Not marble ,nor the Gilded Monuments (Sonnet 55) by Shakespeare.

The lesson that I am taking back from the trek is  that  experiences are more valuable than objects and there is a solution to every problem. I’m going to implement the lessons learnt in daily life by practicing them in everyday life(especially in math). I have also decided to try and do everything on my Bucket list.” – Vikram Sujive, Class 10, Makalidurga trek   


“When we reached the highest peak… The view from there was just beautiful… The climb was hard but the view was worth it 🙂 It is very good that India hikes go on clean up treks…. We all should do it ” – Vidushi Makraria, Class 10, Makalidurga trek 
“It was awesome. My group and me found a new way to the hill. We collected many plastic wastes up there using our eco bags which was helpful.” – Nilay Mani, Class 10, Makalidurga trek


“The views! Its very rare that you get to climb a hill and look at your city, all the way down, that looked completely different and stunning.

I thought the clean-up activity on the trek was a clever way of preserving the hills while having fun.”

– Darren Lopez, Class 10, Makalidurga trek 


“It was a very good trek it gave us information on mountains . The clean-up activity on the trek was a very good initiative taken by the India hikes to clean the mountains and I respect it”

– Ab de villiers, Class 10, Makalidurga trek



“It was a really nice experience…..It was amazing.” – Bhavika Santhosh, Class 10, Makalidurga trek