Why choose this programme

The Himalayan Mountain Challenge Programme enables students to integrate experiential learning with trekking in the mountains. The physicality of the experience enables them to overcome limitations and achieve new levels of confidence.

It is a tested and highly recommended program that can be included in the curriculum or as an additional programme to develop real life management skills.
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    I do believe the program changed each and every student’s outlook and I’m sure it changed their lives. It took them out of their comfort zones. Literally. We are not talking about a hypothetical situation. The conditions were hard . I believe they will remember this and they will carry it forward when they go into corporate life. And at some point they will say ‘hey I have done harder things than this’ and that’s where I think the change will actually come.

    Prof. Bringi Dev, IIM Bangalore

    “The Mountain Challenge part of this (programme) is what has added a whole new dimension to the experience of trekking. I see this as a beautiful way of enabling learning by fun. The level of enthusiasm and competitive spirit was beyond comparison. It’s nothing that we could have matched with in our academic curriculum. Above all, it was a totally new surrounding. They learnt to be eco conscious. We collected some 50 kg of trash. For the first time that people were treasuring the trash! It was a great feeling.” 

    Prof. Swapnil Garg, IIM indore

    “Certain things that I really liked in this trip was a discovery of self, many ‘first’ experiences and pushing myself – physically and mentally. During this journey I have discovered how I put others in front of me and how I do not really know how to say NO! I discovered that it is more important to stay together than stay ahead sometimes.”

    Srujana Sunkara, IIM Lucknow

    “Experiential learning, the course that took us on a roller coaster ride and taught us what a team is and how a team should work together to survive under any situation. The course was beautifully crafted to teach us how a corporate system works and helped us realize the importance of communication between a team in corporate culture.”

    Rohith Thommandru, IIM Lucknow